Tuesday, June 24, 2008

L'eau Expensive

Dear Reader (and I do mean that to be singular. Hi, mom!) -

You may or may not know this about me:

I. Love. Diet. Coke.

Thank you, Natalie Dee.

This was not always the case - I was a Sprite girl all through childhood. Caffeine was never my thing until I began working at a Summer Camp with a daily "Pop Stop" - a time after swimming to ensure hydration. It was at camp that I was introduced to the wonder of Diet Coke by my good friend Katie, who was and still is a Diet Coke master. She has a true appreciation of the product far beyond my meager palette.

This rolled into college where I could not deal with that hip "coffee" stuff that all the cool kids were drinking. I have always associated coffee with adulthood - and my body's visceral, poisonous reaction to it has made me feel like a permanent minor for years and years. Ergo - it was to Diet Coke (and, in moments of sheer desperation Mountain Dew) that I would turn during my all nighters and early mornings. This practice has continued into my professional life, culminating in the worst indulgences since coming to my current job. There's a well stocked fridge with an honor system. It has been bad, bad, bad.

During this time, I have been all to aware (thanks mostly to the constant bitching from my friends and loved ones) that diet anything will kill you and aspertaime is formaldehyde and blah, Blah, BLAH. It would be impossible not to worry about that, as I can not stop worrying about the little bits of dust in my keyboard and how my ears are uneven so my sunglasses are crooked and touch my cheeks and give me acne and how rough my feet get in the summer and...

You get it. I worry. I have been freaking out about my teeth mainly and even tried to start drinking my 48 ounces (I KNOW, IT'S BAD! LAY OFF!) through a straw. But now, I think I've solved the problem!

God Bless La Croix!
This may be an elitest looking POS product, but it has a nice bubbly kick and I can trick myself into thinking that it's pop. For now. It's working out for me -- I'm even tricking myself into thinking I've had caffeine! Glorious. And I almost don't even miss the D.C.

Alright fine... you know me too well.

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