Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Check out my little sister:

She took the picture. She is not the lion.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Wine + Friday Night = Slow-Going Saturday

Friday night, I worked a wine tasting event hosted by the non-profit I work for. It was a great success from what I hear; I worked the door most of the night and only saw the comings and goings of people. I did find a wine I really enjoyed. It's actually a blend... is that tacky? I'm wondering if this is like stating "I'd rather have Arby's" when presented with a tasting menu from Charlie Trotter's or something.

Well, whatever. I've posted three items on this blog, so ya'll don't know me! I do what I want!

The wine, incidentally, is called Seven Daughters. It has a red and white version, and I'm plugging the red here. Sweet and crisp with cute branding... it's my new go-to hostess gift. alex will have more scoop on the other offerings of the evening as he was an actual guest of the tasting. He was very social and cheerful (which I strongly encouraged him to be, as this is my place of work) and even managed to keep the robot talk to a minimum. You know that's a major social faux pas in professional-social settings: brining up politics, religion or robots.

Saturday morning I managed to wake up with a dull thud of a headache. This is actually a good thing for me because usually I am completely ill for 24 hours after any alcohol consumption over 8 ounces. True story. Ask anyone.

Upon my miraculous recovery, both alex and I actually had an entire weekend where we had no pressing obligations. That being said, I made about 10,000 plans for the coming weeks that left me pretty booked until the end of June, at least.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


you know what? i like robots. a lot. i think that robots are amazingly interesting and not the least bit intimidating. sadly, i have noticed an extreme lack of robots and robot-related information in our culture. this is wrong. robots do not have to be our enemies, they can be our friends. while i am not an advocate for artificial intelligence, i am an advocate for the normalization of human-robot relations. everyone should interact with a robot at least once, and if they are still not convinced, then i will be willing to respect their robophobia, as much as it may pain me. one final note on robots. i hope that in the future (ideally within one to two years time) everyone who wants a robot may acquire one at a minimal cost. that would be sweet.

also, yesterday, Laura and i saw rick bayless. or as Laura calls him, "that frontera grill guy".

The Knitting Bug - It's Catching

So, I work for a non-profit who partners with other local non-profits to better the lives of woman and children (which makes me much better than you, clearly). One of the projects that has come up recently is Project Linus, which is an organization which provides children who have been through traumatic experiences handmade blankets.

I have been known to say on more than one occasion that Crafty = Crappy and I'm not really a big fan of giving hand-made gifts. This has left me in craft project purgatory, because I have no motivation to finish anything. Ever.

So, I thought - Awesome! Maybe, if this is for the children (for the CHILDREN!) I will actually be able to finish a craft project. So, I Googled "knitting" and was sucked into a vortex, wherein I discovered... knitting blogs. It may sound odd, but truly, they have been amazing. I found this pattern that seemed to be pretty dummy proof and have been working on it for a few weeks.

Are you freaking KIDDING me with all those ends?
It must be said that this looks much messier in person !

Which of course means I got bored! So thanks to my new obsession Crazy Aunt Purl, whose knitting skills are way above my self taught insanity, I attempted the Chunky Baret pattern. What happened was more like...

What part of Jamaica are you from?
Right neeea tha beech... BO-IE!

Ok, so maybe that's a bit exaggerated, but even when you try to lay it flat... it's just too thick to look slouchy enough:

Nice 80's bang

This One Goes Out to My Fans!

After two year of no blogging, I'm delving back in. In that time, I have become an avid blog reader and lost the power to compose my own pointless thoughts. I don't feel that blogs are ruining news, entertainment or our culture, but I want to state that I am aware of just how self absorbed one needs to be to write down every little thought and inkling to share with the world.

But I'll be honest...I need a hobby again. I'm getting a bit of tunnel vision and I want to really open my eyes again and truly appreciate the absurdity of everyday life. And I used to have a handful of fans back in my day!

So, in honor of them, here's some of my old "work":