Saturday, August 30, 2008

Hur cut

I got my hair cut. It works - i slept on in and it's waaaay to flat, but I'm feeling it.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Yes, You Did

Congratulations Barack Obama!

In case you missed it:

Thursday, August 28, 2008

More Fashion

I will not say that I love Vogue Magazine or find Anna Wintour to be an amazing genius whose impeccable eye shames my meager existence. I will not say that, as it's only as true as you allow it to be.

That being said, this is an amazing photograph and is one of the reasons I can't dismiss fashion even though all reason says it's a waste of time:

I can't even deal with it! FABULOUS!

Photo via Jezebel.

Don't trust the bitch

me: GIRL

M. S-S:

Can I just say that I know it's a dull season because I agree with the judges on EVERYTHING

M. S-S
: most obvious auf ever?

seriously. all the panic-y talking about the judges in the room

M. S-S: gay mormon meltdown
now with more rattail

my friend was like "oooh... and it's not a pretty cry, either"

M. S-S: i was so annoyed with him by the end that i was just like, "k, bye"

How can you get pissed at a model for needing to sit down for hair and make up?
those girls are six foot two
the stylists can't get out a ladder or something

M. S-S: and he was all, "I KNEW you would sit down"
poor little dress form

me: ... then have her take that piece of CRAP off
it was so So SO ugly

Peace out, Keif! What a horrid swan song...

M. S-S: heeeeeedious
it actually reminded me of daniel v's clothes off your back design from season 2
that one was heinous too

me: LOVED when Laura did the "... excuse me?" bright smile

M. S-S: i was like, "Keith is going to be nothing but a bloody smear on the runway when Laura gets done with him"
she's my all time fave PR contestant

me: seriously. I hate that feeling of watching them argue up there
when you're just yelling at the TV "STOP! JUST STOP!!"
Laura was a great "not nina" judge
I have to say, I was suprised with how many outfits turned out to be good looking

M. S-S: yeah
i mean, i think i liked them all except keith's

I thought stella's skirt looked nice
on the model
if you didn't look at the details

It looks like Fashion Plates - the top and the bottom clearly don't go...
M. S-S: i liked stella's design
and i like her model

At least it was her
she really works to the challenge, which I can respect

M. S-S: that's why i thought it was really weird she decided to go "ladylike" this time

well, the leatha was the obvious way to go

M. S-S: i thought for sure she would stand out because she has experience with leather, grommets, etc/

I'm glad she was aware of it
I mean... to be honest with you... I'm glad she's not a one note
like... oh... KEITH!?!

M. S-S: but when you have the perfect skill set for a challenge, you shouldn't go off in another direction

tooooot that's my one-note recorder for Keif

M. S-S: keith is SUCH a one note
look at my fringe!

me: I agree with you on Stella. It was made for her
Lamey McLamerton

M. S-S: here is my point of reference for this challenge:
(did you watch ANTM season 9? when saleisha won?)
anyway, that season they had to pose with "recycleable materials"

Funny, that was actually on right before the new PR
YES, I totally remember that

M. S-S: and saleisha had to pose with car parts
car parts!

I do remember that

M. S-S: which led to us cackling and shouting CAR PARTS
and car parts starts to sound like, not even real words, when you shout it repeatedly
so last night was the return of the car parts

that's how I feel about the word "scissor box" used on Sheer Genius
Such a crazy grouping of words!
scissor box!
and who PUTS scissors in a box

M. S-S: scissor box!
sounds, um....pornographic

me: I KNOW
i am seriously laughing right now
"stylists, you have each selected a SCISSOR BOX!"
it sounds like a drag club
where Acid Betty would headline

yes it does
actually that might be my drag name

haha, then be prepared to have me explode in laughter every time you introduce yourself
I'll return the favor and be Lotta Carparts

M. S-S: the word box is ALWAYS funny to me

box and pants are my two 'hilarity words'
alex's is 'bus'
OH. Also: can we talk about your girl Kenley?
Her concept was good, but that model could barely walk in that outfit
it was like she was wearing a paper towel roll

Today in art class I made a paper towel lady!

M. S-S: that model sucks ass though, remember

hmm... i actually don't recall

shannon could have walked the shit out of that shit

there have been a few non-model challenges
so I get confuseled

M. S-S: i think her new model is germaine...kelli's old model

Ooooh, right

M. S-S: and i have hated her since day one
her face is abrasive to me

me: that's why I didn't notice
I feel that Korto's model can read a bit... masculine

M. S-S: and she walks like...remember last season when victorya directed her model to walk like an "ice princess?"
like that
korto's model looks PISSED
all the time

she really does
and sometimes like a pissed man

M. S-S: this is a sad and sorry bunch of hangers

It really is
although ... Jerrell made a comment that made me wonder:
he said "she got a job that actually paid!"
do they not pay those B-list walkers?
because that would make alot of sense
and shock me that they ever got Claire and Martinique

M. S-S: nope, no money for the models
they do it for the exposure

I was not aware

M. S-S: and the opportunity to get ridiculed by a televised audience, apparently

now I realize why they are flakey and mostly lame
I mean, I felt bad for Kenley, but it's not as if they were like "Sorry, Shannon has dropped out. Your replacement model is Cameron Manhiem!"

M. S-S: true
this was i think the first time i haven't liked kenley's design

just rip a stitch and deal

but i suspect it would have looked better on shannon

I think Laura really liked the sillouette
that's so her

M. S-S: yeah, and that's my taste as well
so i'm prone to forgive all manner of kenley-related transgressions

even her super annoying personality!
which is starting to grate, I must say
I thought Jerrell did a great job on this challenge
especially when you consider that it's Jerrell

...From the knees up and the neck down...
M. S-S: yeah
(for jerrell)

and can't style his model for SHIT

M. S-S: yeah!
dude, you are a GAY MAN
pardon my stereotyping

seriously. I expect more

M. S-S: but surely you should be better at this shit
i thought there was something wonky going on with the boobs

and I really take offense you wearing a dashiki made out of a bed sheet and a sailor hat to the runway

M. S-S: and the styling pretty much ruined it for me



I like the use of the metal shapes and using the back side of the leather

Down at the car wash!
M. S-S: suck-licious

that was... scatterbrained
the broken mirror was so last-minute
it was total Tim-panic

M. S-S: i said that it looked like a car wash
and then michael kors said it too!

oooh, you are a genius!

M. S-S: proving michael kors and i are twins separated at birth

maybe you'll start making $38,000 coats

M. S-S: though i am slightly less orange
and ugly ass shoes

and dated bags

M. S-S: (his shoes are awful)

(sorry, had to say it)

M. S-S: (concur)

me: (Yes. this means it's off the record!)

M. S-S: and heidi -- i'm not sure it's actually 7 years no sex
more like 7 years bad luck

me: Right? I said "i think it's 7 years no sex if you're an international super model"

M. S-S: although that may be the same thing in the klum-seal household, so

I think that for Klum-Seal, bad luck and no sex would be interchangeable
because what other possible bad things could go on in their lives?
People is late for their "Normal Family" photo shoot?

M. S-S: oh no, my sexy igloo melted!


M. S-S: (you know the sexy igloo tale, right?)

... refresh my memory
I know I've heard it

M. S-S: the MY-husband-proposed-to-me-in-an-igloo-full-of-rose-petals-i-bet-yours-didn't tale?

oooooh right

M. S-S: models -- they're just like us!

your relationship is better!
you don't have all those pesky lovely-skinned children running amok

M. S-S: although, i have to say that having a husband who can perform "kiss from a rose" on demand is a distinct advantage
one point to mrs. klum seal

To quote Laura Winslow from Family Matters when she went to a Seal Concert circa 1995:
"He's so FOOOOINE!"

M. S-S: heh
nice reference
two points to you

so, good for Seal for staying relevant
unlike Laura Winslow

M. S-S: three points to seal

BUT - they live on the west coast
point to you
and your husband has no facial scars
even steven

M. S-S: hoorah!
now i just need to get working on my victoria's secret runway walk
those wings are heavy

Per Tyra:
it's hard

M. S-S: but thanks to tyra - i have learned how to smile with my eyes

Do you see the difference?
:) versus :)
See what I'm doing?!

M. S-S: mmmm yes

THAT'S a model

M. S-S.: ::heidi klum seal voice::
"let's talk about the ones we liked"

Hm.. now I have to go remind myself
I have to say I was kind of sad that the pallete was so... blah

M. S-S.: yeah
black and tan
korto's coat

Check, mate!

i would totally buy
i thought it was rockin'

me: it was good
terri is such a bitch

M. S-S.: but she's a fun bitch

me: indeed

M. S-S.: i liked her outfit too
i wish i knew what those pants were made of

Stella by Terri

me: I thought her outfit looked like something Stella would make!

M. S-S.: yeah, me too
for sure

me: It looked good though
and I like her model

M. S-S.: also liked leanne's a lot

me: I didn't like the fish tail in the back
but other than that
it was really cool

M. S-S.: it looked like balenciaga
with the tight bodice and the poofy hip things

me: that is so the silhouette right now

M. S-S.: yup
hooray for me and my no hips

me: Joe was so lucky to have immunity
It seriously looked like he cut to arm holes in a seat cover

*Brakes screech to a halt*

M. S-S: ewwww motorcross dress

me: and the RED
it's such a... boy thing to design

M. S-S: i have hated everything he's done except the drag outfit
it's all....really boring
with a side helping of "looks like it belongs in the macy's junior department"

me: agreed
he's so milquetoast
and literal
like with the "USA" on the team USA challenge
and the "Sky" logo in this one

M. S-S: yeah, exactly
Husband* and i argued to the death over his olympics outfit
He thought it was perfect
and i thought it was way too literal

I think it was what the judges were thinking they would see

M. S-S: well, yeah, it trumped freaking 1940s cocktail dresses
but the actual olympic outfits are closer to what korto and terri did

me: yeah, skorts...
I wore a skort when I was my mom's ring bearer in her wedding to my step-dad
I was a girl in a boy's roll wearing a short/skirt hybrid
not a good call


me: And finally: Suede's

M. S-S: suede does the same silohuette every time

it was so forgettable

M. S-S: dropped waist, short skirt
not as bad as last week's godzilla outfit

me: and ENOUGH with the dead people chit chat


me: I can't believe that no one else has anything of interest to say over the scenes of everyone working
i will not believe it

M. S-S: these people are boring
i miss santino
what happened to andrae??

me: He's at red lobster having a lover's quill with Tim!!
I always get excited to go to the work room to hear fun songs or something
and then I remember: it's THESE people

M. S-S: like last night

me: can you imagine Santino's Drag entry

M. S-S: when keith was crying
husband and i started singing
"lighten up it's just FASHION"


M. S-S
: "it's just fashion, it's just fashion"

me: faaaashion
it's fashion!

*Monrovia does not refer to her husband as Husband - I just didn't want to think up a clever alias.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

things i like

Haile Gebrselassie of Ethiopia and Paul Tergat of Kenya
The Two Best Marathoners in the World

Noam Chomsky - Linguist, Activist, Social Critic, Super-Duper Guy

S'mores - My favorite compact snack.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Harper's Bizarre

What... exactly is the narrative here?

And does this woman look extremely frail next to these rosy - cheeked little snipes?

Ye-haw, dahling...

Photo from Haper's via Jezebel.

The Closer

Lady and Gentleman,

It's not a secret that I adore Michelle Obama - outside the political arena and in. I think she's made some tough sacrifices for her husband's carreer but she's classy, confident and smaaaaart. I can't wait for her speech tonight, as it will, no doubt, make me extremely proud of my country. This is needed, as I do not have the Olympics to make my heart pump red, white and blue.

Preach, girl.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Ummm... Joey Cheek is smart! He pulls out the ultimate Colbert Report interview: taking a super serious and righteous cause and still rolling with the satire.

Cheek, mate! (See what I did there?)

Thursday, August 21, 2008



I'm just as shocked as you are, dear friend. I miss you already.

Image from

Also, this:

Dahmer and Greasy McSoberton? NOW it all makes sense. Daniel just really let himself go after saying good-bye to is sweet, belted lover.

Another Mystery Solved by your own Nancy Drew.



Best Project Runway episode of all time. I'm not kidding you.




I love me some drag queens. Direct quote from alex's mom last evening: "Does it have to be so... gay?!"

YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT! Monrovia Staples- Soliloquy totally agreed:
me: A dream come true!

M. S-S: i mean really

me: My favorite challenge thus far

M. S-S: best project runway episode ever, possibly
at least since season 2

me: In the history of the show
Although, some of those ladies were a mess!

M. S-S: you know what killed me? seeing the queens as normal looking dudes

What is going ON right now!?!

me: Totally! I was watching with my friend Erin and we were like "My mind is BLOWN" And Acid was a totally cute dude

M. S-S: definitely

me: Not to repeat myself
But I love me some terri

M. S-S: i love her too she's great and her outfit was pretty spectacular

me: And I loved that kimono
Totally. It was perfect for her lady
Her GIANT lady

M. S-S: 7 foot tall drag queen
i want to adopt one

me: Me too
I will say, while I'm not a Joe person
He really worked thay jumpsuit out
It was the fit that did it

Ann Margret bulked up!

M. S-S: i actually liked the jumpsuit better than terri's hers was a little...psycho transvestite killer from silence of the lambs? maybe?

me: Ouch! I thought it was really fitting for the Drag Queen
And since it wasn't made of human skin... I didn't make that connection

M. S-S: heh i just thought it was a leeeeeeetle scary
is all i'm saying i did like it
but not as much as joe's

me: Major sidenote:
As a child, I was TERRIFIED of Geisha women
I had a Kid Songs sing along tape with accompanying book of words/ festive photos
And Sa-ku-ra freaked my shit out because of the dancing Geisha in the book
So, I see what you're saying


M. S-S: haaaaaa i love sa-ku-ra
i can play it on the saxophone

me: I thought they were ghosts
And instead of saying "boo" they say sa-ku-ra
And throw cherry blossoms at you
I'm actually over it now
I have transfered that fear to Clowns, like any normal adult

M. S-S: that's hilarious

me: Aaaaanyway, Joe did a great job
It was so ... Funny!
It made me laugh
It was the little hat

M. S-S: it helped his drag queen was awesome

me: Detachable bangs!!!
And the "candy belt"

M. S-S: and the anchor accessories i'm guessing those didn't come from the bluefly accessories wall...

me: Yeeeah, the l'oreal room clearly was not the only make up session for the ladies
Like they would trust anyone but themselves
This whole show made me so happy

M. S-S: word - i know

Me: Red sequence!
7 foot lady man!
Daniel's gone!!!!1!!

M. S-S: i really liked korto's by the way with the crazy fire collar

Proud Mary, keep on burnin'!
me: Korto's was amazing
It looked like it would take days
And Chris was loving it

M. S-S: i knew daniel was gone

me: Me, too

M. S-S: and he didn't listen to tim
as soon as tim identified issues with his outfit
ALWAYS listen to tim

me: But keith's was awful

Keif: Why you do dat?
M. S-S: the sad chicken

me: It was one sad-assed chicken
I kept expeting Daniel to scream at the judges "THIS IS NOT ART, DAMN YOU!"

M. S-S: he's so...sweaty
and nervous
and squirmy

me: And greasy

M. S-S: keith, on the other hand, is hot
minus the rattail
so i cannot argue with the decision to keep keith around thanks, judges!

me: His hotness is fading for me
His one noteiness diminishes the good-looks

M. S-S: enough with the fringe, dude

me: The more lame his fashion gets, the bigger that former mormon rat-tail looks
Yeah, let's see movement from something else besides fabic tatters
Liiike, oh, draping or something

M. S-S: draping! the return of rami

also -- the wookie thing cracked me up

me: Drapes by Rami!

M. S-S: i still don't like blayne but he and jerrell have grown on me

me: Yes, Jerrell was on fire last night
I loved when he started called Suede's Drag Queen "lettuce head"

Lettuce entertain you... do the cabbage patch!

M. S-S: and SUEDE what a freaking weirdo

me: That grandfather hallucination?

M. S-S: my dead grandfather told me to make lettuce gloves!

me: I was cracking up
And the b-roll footage of him just staring off in the work room
Suede hearts shrooms

M. S-S: his voice is strange to me his inflection sounds like a prim southern lady

me: He's like 35 going on 3
I have blue hair and you have green hair. You be my model now?

M. S-S: i dug his model
although she was right, it was a little godzilla

me: I loved lettucehead!
Her runway walk was like shuffle off the buffalo

M. S-S: how about the pterydactol?

ps -- i want to go to gay jurassic park

It's Triacciclicous?

me: In theory, it was fine for the Queen
But droopy wings reminds me that the lady has a penis
And I don't want that

M. S-S: I liked it! And I really liked Leanne's

me: I think blayne's asthetic pairs perfectly for this challenge
which... I guess really doesn't say much for him in the grad scheme of fashion
but at least he can have a day job
Leanne's was awesome

It is the distant future: the year 2000.

M. S-S
: she's growing on me

me: Once again, she reminds me of Diana
with the asthetic
but she's a much better sewer

M. S-S: definitely similar to diana and i agree she's better

me: also: nice call on the barfolicious

M. S-S: i found her etsy shop at one point

me: I liked Jerrell's colors
but not the dress

M. S-S: same here
the dress was too long
i liked kenleys

me: it was good but the zipper looked like shit

M. S-S: true
stella's was ok

me: it wasn't really right for the lady
M. S-S: the color combo reminded me of the ruffly coat jillian and victoria made last season

me:Um, also-
RuPaul looked BAAAAAAD

Can I get a little effort, Ru Ru?

M. S-S: what was UP with that wig?
for shame

me: SO BAD, right?!
S/He is so much better than that
Friz-ez much?

M. S-S: rupaul was not taking any shit, though
did the dingo eat your baby, too?

me: I love the term "candy belt"
thanks, RuPaul
I really thought Daniel was going to lose his mind
it was SO squirmy

M. S-S: i'm so glad he's gone

me: god, me too.
"what are the Olympics?"
"they don't have drag queens at boarding school"

M. S-S: "here, i made a cocktail dress. it may be ugly but it's very high end"
hey, daniel - do me a solid and shut up

me: my taste is IMPECCABLE, lady, what are you even talking about?!

M. S-S: get off my tv and take a shower
ok, i gotta run
but hooray for drag queens!

me: thanks for the blog fodder!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I have been having alot of dreams lately. They are increadibly real but when I wake up, I can't remember what happened in them. The other night, I woke up because alex was laughing hysterically and he was fast asleep - which was weird. He, too, had no recollection of what was going on in his head.

Once again, Sara Schaefer totally wins, as she can remember what she dreams... and it's about total embarrassment! Just try to get through this without laughing. Click on Phelps for the link:

Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm TELLING you!

So... I'm tired, people. The Olympics have caused me to fall asleep on the couch right before the major medal ceremony every single night. As a result, I'm not breaking any Olympic news for you - and yet my enthusiasm remains strong.

The one that really pained me to miss was the Women's Gymnastics All-around medal ceremony because I didn' t know who one for like, four hours or something nutty like that! I was really rooting for Nastia, not because Shawn Johnson isn't awesome (she is) and not because I hate Iowa (how could I?!?) but because I really feel like Nastia is able to handle a lot of pressure. Her dad is her spotter! And he's a former Olympian! I would lose it on day one, as anyone knows my fabled golf-as-a-teenager stories. I admire her for the confidence to work through that and also... for being to graceful!!! Like a DANCER!

And Bela agrees with me... the below video is my favorite. "SHE'S A CHAMPION! I'M TELLING YOU!"

UPDATE: This video has been deleted

It's true, Bela. You totally told me.

Also, I'm not going to say that somewhere in the deepest darkest part of my horrid, caucasian heart, I don't see the humor in these pictures. However, is it a great move for a team of elite athletes bestowed with the honor of representing their country? PROBABLY NOT.

It takes me back to the playground in fifth grade. I expect them to break out into a song about "me put pee pee in your Coke" or something equally as culturally observant.

Apparently though, "the Chinese" are a-ok with it:

Frank Zhang, Li Ning's director of government and public affairs, played down the incident.

"We don't think this is an insulting gesture to the Chinese," Zhang said. "In fact, the gesture shows that the Spanish team is so humorous, relaxing and cute. They sat around a dragon pattern, which we think showed respect to the Chinese.

"Li Ning Ltd. will not change any business plans with the Spanish team because of this," Zhang added. "People should focus on great Olympic Games instead of something else."

Please note: The Chinese people have not actually seen these photos (for their own good, riiight??!) and therefore only high ranking folks in business/ the government have had a chance to review them. These would be the same people for whom a successful Olympics is the primary objective so...I'm sure everyone's totally fine with it. TOTALLY relaxing and cute.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bordering on SWEET

Sour Grapes Alert!

You may know that alex once worked as a Special Orders manager at Borders, Inc. He was let go due to the company hemorraging money and also the innovative concept that Corporate HQ had to sell books ...(wait for it)... on the internet. This novel idea is sure to propel the company into the year 2000 with phenominal success!

To get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be a mildly popular utility used by a few super NERDS (who intrinsically heart books, am I right?!), Borders has created a new concept store where people can use computers to customize things and order books. This is a genius idea, as the personal computer has not contributed to the success of it's main competitors for the last 12 years or so one iota.

Quoth the article:
Unfortunately, the future for Borders is about five years ago for everyone else. The concept behind this Concept Borders? Computers!

What's next for these hipster geniuses? Make your own karaoke music video to any Beach Boys song for only 10.99? A rotery phone booth you can use for five bucks a call?! A mixed tape studio?! Siiiiigh...

Even though I'm resentful, I still really like this video of Ira Glass, because This American Life is my great love.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I ain't got no babies...

M. S-S: dude!
me: I can't believe I'm about to say this...
but Jerrell and Stella rocked that shit!

M. S-S: mmhmm
that belt was awesome
me: Right?! They really should have won
Megan: agreed
i really thought they would
me: They should have
the styling of Keiths was just awkward
the "transition" was basically making it look bunchy and weird to presentable
M. S-S: looked like it was going to be one of those situations where the editing is like "oh NOES, the two worst people are together! surely they will suck!" and then they end up winning
like sweet p and elisa last year
me: so true
I have to say that Stella's Letha was so Pat Field and so appropriate for that stupid show
I love how they tried to act like it was a huge honor...
M. S-S: i cannot ever get behind skirts that look like they have scales

me: when 5 people watch that show
and they're all in prison
M. S-S: yeah
i mean, i don't know anything about the show
but it looks like the poor man's version of sex and the city
which i didn't watch EITHER
me: I kept thinking Lucy Liu was involved some how
but that's the other one that no one watches
M. S-S: that's the other show about rich professionals and their struggles
work life balance! it's important
me: mmmboo hoo
M. S-S: also, brooke shields?
me: yeah, right?!
maybe in 1990
M. S-S: your character is not a bohemian
bohemians dress in rags and live in dumpsters and suffer for their art
M. S-S: they don't live in penthouse apartments in nyc
how we gonna paaaaaay
me: Hooow Wee Goonna Paa aaay
me: ...and scene
Yeah, frankly...
another snoozer
But I can't deal with Daniel any more
he is so greasy and whiney
M. S-S: take. a. shower
me: amen
and a Zanex
M. S-S: my biggest grievance, as usual
ENOUGH with the team challenges
or at least with always kicking off the team leader
me: yeah, that is NEVER a surprise
I don't mind team challenges
but they need to keep them all on the runway
I don't know how many different ways to explain it
I want to hear the snarky dialogue
M. S-S: yes
me: I want eye rolls and "I'm confused"s
M. S-S: you know, i really thought blayne's was worse than kelli's
me: and WAY more "slutty, slutty, slutty"
It was just totally off
it was way too young
But, i think the execution was much cleaner
M. S-S: unless you are a lifeguard, or a soccer coach, or a gym teacher
you shouldn't wear shorts to work
me: I felt like kelli's didn't have any finished seams on the bodice

M. S-S: and i actually did think it was cute
me: it looked like just just cut all the fabric out and glued it together
M. S-S: it was just wildly inappropriate for the challenge at hand
me: I have to say, I kind of forgot about Kelli after the first challenge
M. S-S: me too
me: She popped up again and I was like... oh, yeah!
and now, she gone
M. S-S: but still, daniel has been in the bottom so often that i really thought he should go
and i think a lot of that outfit was his fault me: "My taste is IMPECCABLE"
me: Korto's was a hot mess
the Jacket would have been fine if the sleeves were more three-quarter
but that DRESS
M. S-S: i don't even remember it!
at all

M. S-S: ohhhh the sweet potato
me: the little kick pleat at the back looked like it was sewn by the blind
that about killed me
M. S-S: how much do i love terri?

she is the bee's knees
me: Amen
She needs to just keep on keeping on
M. S-S: she's my second fave after kenley
me: Kenley's personality annoys me
but I love how she dresses
and (mostly) what she makes
M. S-S: me too
i think she's a grade-A passive aggressive beeyotch
but i also want her to dress me
and also to steal her hair
me: And the whole dynamic between here and Daniel is weird
they were like best-ies in one episode and then she's throwing him under the bus on the runway
M. S-S: yeah
although her runway cackling was hilariously inappropriate
and something i might also do totally unintentionally
me: It was... it was way better than the criers
M. S-S: i'm actually finding this group way more interesting than last season
it almost reminds me of season one
me: I just think the challenges are so lame and free form that they should be doing WAY more interesting stuff
although the next challenge
is going to rock my face off
i heart fat chris
M. S-S: yes!
drag queens!
you know it was coming
me: my fave
oh, definitely
it's just too good
Although some drag queens have the ideal female body shape, they're still gianormus
Clearly, they won't be using the shoes from the Bluefly accessory wall...
M. S-S: uh, yeah
i was just reading blogging project runway
and apparently by the time of fashion week, there will still be 7 designers left on the show
me: ... hmmm.. maybe adouble elimination?
M. S-S: there would have to be a few, right?
they let 5 show last year
i wonder how many will this year
me: hmm.. i mean, what's even the point if they all get to show
That's annoying
M. S-S: yeah, i thought 5 was pushing it, really
4 seemed just about right
ok, i have to go train my new employees now
me: and it's almost cruel to that fourth person, but at least the get their work out there
I have to go to a pile of work
but, as always, it's been a blost
M. S-S: merci
me: ...blast rather
M. S-S: it's like you're british!
it's been a BLOST, dahling
but i have to run
pip pip
me: cheerio