Wednesday, October 29, 2008


More adorable pictures of Obama with kids (click the photo for more):

I know, you guys! Right?!

An Evening with John Hodgman: No Hobo Matters?

For my lame friends who didn't care to join me for a free evening with John Hodgman and David Rees... I'm actually glad you didn't go! That's right. Last evening's performance/ reading/ Q&A via walkie talkie was not for you. You would have gone for the novelty of seeing the PC guy out of his tweed or to perhaps shake the hand of someone who has met Jon Stewart.

You would not understood the facts about Chicago being an imaginary city and would not have been informed of complete world knowledge by one so brilliant that he was able to write a sequel containing EVEN MORE KNOWLEDGE than his first tome. If that sentence does not make sense to you, you can rest assured that you would not have enjoyed yourself and would have been shunned most fervently by the crowd that is 'in the know'.

Actually, you would have loved it. But it's too late now! The best you can do is by the page-a-day calendar cum book and then purchase a dozen copies of The Areas of My Expertise to atone yourself.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Teach Them Well

Alright, so it's been a few days, but not much as changed in the land of politics. To any remaining independent voters: I know I've been tough on you. So, I thought today (courtesy of Phoebe!)I would take the high road and let you know... you can vote however you like!

Thank you, children! I won't stop singing this until Nov. 5th. It's hard to be non-partisan to a beat!


The lyrics -
Obama on the left
McCain on the right
We can talk politics all night
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah

Democratic left
Republican right
November 4th we decide
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah

(McCain Supporters)
**can't quite make it out**

I want Obama
Stick with McCain, you gonna have some drama
Iran he will attack

Democratic left
Republican right
November 4th we decide
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah

(McCain supporters)
McCain's the best candidate
With Palin as his running mate
They'll fight for gun rights, pro life,
The conservative right
Our future is bright
Better economy in site
And all the world will feel our military might

(Obama supporters)
But McCain and Bush are real close right
They vote alike and keep it tight
Obama's new, he's younger too
The Middle Class he will help you
He'll bring a change, he's got the brains
McCain and Bush are just the same
You are to blame, Iraq's a shame
Four more years would be insane

Lower your Taxes - you know Obama Won't
PROTECT THE LOWER CLASS - You know McCain won't!
Have enough experience - you know that they don't
STOP GLOBAL WARMING - you know that you won't

I want Obama
Stick with McCain and you're going to have some drama
We need it
He'll be it
We'll do it
Let's move it

Obama on the left
McCain on the right
We can talk politics all night
And you can vote however you like
You can vote however you like, yeah

Democratic left
Republican right
November 4th we decide
And you can vote however you like, I said
You can vote however you like, yeah

I'm talking big pipe lines, and low gas prices
Below $2.00 that would be nice

But to do it right we gotta start today
Finding renewable ways that are here to stay

I want Obama
Stick wit McCain you gone have some drama
Iran he will attack
We gotta vote Barack!

Obama on the left
McCain on the right
We can talk politics all night
And you can vote however you like, I said
You can vote however you like, yeah

Democratic left
Republican right
November 4th we decide
And you can vote however you like, I said
You can vote however you like, yeah

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friday, October 24, 2008

You Tell 'em Tim Gunn!

...even if you aren't a California resident, people should still do what you say!

*Shake Fist for Emphasis!*

Amen to your oy

From Mr. Wiggles Loves You

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Monday, October 20, 2008

Colin Powell on Meet the Press

Of course, I'm pleased that Gen. Powell endorsed Barack Obama. But what I'm SO glad to hear is his point that by suggesting that Obama is a Muslim, Republican leadership is saying that he is un-American. This is something that has bothered me throughout this election cycle. We are not at war with Islam, we are at war with terror. I don't think war hawks wish to acknowledge this fact because when you declare war on a concept, it can be very difficult to give it a face. By demonizing an entire group of people, it's much easier to whip up hatred and fear among your base.

Thank you, Colin, for your vote and for your intelligent reasoning about what being an American is really all about.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Real Question

I knew I had crossed the insanity threshold a while ago. For the past two weeks, sleeping has become a near impossibility for me. I've been tense, tired and obsessed with up to the minute coverage of politics and news - as I'm sure it is no surprise to my five readers that glance at our pages from time to time.

But now that the third debate has wound down, I think I will be able to relax just a tad. People that still don't know who they're voting for are clearly not concerned with issues. As evidenced by the Daily Show clip below, they are looking for the candidates to "say something different". Which, as we know, happens in politics ALL. THE. TIME.

I have had a lot of problems with the McCain campaign and have been filled with some of the irrational hate I daresay inspires some of the loonies at your average Palin red-meat rally. But when I took a step back and looked at why I'm so upset, I am able to some it up in one sentence.

What happened to John McCain?

McCain, as much as I am pained to admit it now, actually had accomplished some items of merit prior to his 2000 bid. He was appealing to a moderate crowd and rejecting the crazy right-wingers that have personified the GOP as of late. He used to be a voice of reason on some extremely important issues and had a moral high ground that Bush could never equal. But McCain made a decision. He wanted to be president and was seeing the sand slip from that hour glass at warp speed. It slapped on that ring of potential power and the life has slowly been draining from him ever since.

Even in this campaign, when he's making his arguments and accusations against Obama that have been proven time and again to be untrue - you can see in his eyes that he is almost pained to say it. I view his cringe at the audience members screaming "Terrorist!" as the death rattle of his draining integrity.

McCain has sacrificed a great deal for our country and his heroism isn't anything to balk at. But he has decided that the presidency is more important than his ability to appeal to the wider American public. It started with accepting endorsements from the fundamentalists he once denounced. It grew has he recruited the same people that engineered the demise of his 2000 campaign. And, for me, the selection of Sarah Palin was the final severing of that chord to stand on the side of fear mongering and moral judgment. And my reaction is to wonder, what happened to that public servant who had so much potential? I don't see the John McCain I knew in his campaign anymore. I see an old man who feels the election slipping away and who feels impotent with so much at stake for American. I shudder for our country if this is the sacrifice we require from our politicians - particularly if this final bargan with fate miraculasly gets McCain into the White House.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway: Called It!

Soooo, I had a major choice. Watch the final debate or watch the Project Runway finale real-time. Country or couture? Talk about a quandary. America won out, as I was stuck at work and could only stream the debate. John McCain pissed me off - no surprise there...

And Leanne "Judy Noodles" won Project Runway - no surprise there...

I said it before, but I'm sure it bears repeating: It's all my fault. I liked Korto's collection the best which is always, ALWAYS the kiss of death. Actually, the collection didn't move as well as I thought it would on the runway. But it is most definitely is the most forward and the most innovative collection, and I congratulate her mousy ass. Good job, Leanne!

My darling Korto, your color and final dress rocked my FACE off:

Nina Garcia hit it square on the head that you can dress women of all sizes. This is why I like you, because I could actually wear your clothes and not look horrid. And that GREEN! I could have devowered the screen. Nom, nom, nom!

Aaaaaand Captain Kenley:

Begrudgingly - it's pretty amazing how she was able to hand paint her fabric. But on the runway, it really wasn't holding up as great as it does in these photographs. It's just a leeeettle too two dimensional for me. And while her clothes are fun, I just get so bored because they are just retread. I have seen it before. It just seems like everything I've ever seen in Vogue with some ropes thrown in for good tugboat measure. K-dizzle, it's been swell, but I will not miss having you stomp all over my nerves every Wednesday with your crocodile tears and your alligator shoes (... I don't know, it just sounded right).

Thanks to Project Rungay for the photos. What did YOU think?

Take this home

More videos because I work for a living and can't be your monkey in a cage 24/7! GEEZE!

(Pipe wrench fight)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, for the first time in my life... I have finished a knitting project. Now, this may not seem like a big deal to you, but let's just say that I was working on cross stitching a bib for my brother that I still have at the bottom of my craft basket. My brother is now 13 years old.

So, please let me have this moment and please excuse the crappy photography.


MORE success!

This pattern is awesome. Stick-Legged Girl is really a great blog with great idea. This blanket was perfect for a first project because you get to use so many different colors. which breaks the work up in a fun way. I'm sad because the colors are much cuter than they look in these photos. Additionally, I must confess something... this blanket is only about 1/3 of the size that its supposed to be. The pattern is much larger. But you know what? I'm a cheap bastard when it comes to yarn, and it is fine for an infant, so just let me have this moment!

Next stop for this blanket: Project Linus Now I just need to figure out the next project. Knitting is a fabulous winter time activity and is ideal for dieting - because you have something to do with your hands.

Open Notes

From Planet Money blog

Monday, October 13, 2008

Because last week's politics really bummed me out...

How about THIS!


Also, THIS:

Friday, October 10, 2008


Ok, maybe the source isn't the greatest, but I totally buy the following statement:

"ACORN has gotten itself into trouble, as it did in 2004, because its workers -- some who are homeless and ex-felons -- get paid for registering voters, and that in some cases leads to these workers turning in bogus forms. But is that voter fraud, as Republicans suggest? Not really, voting experts tell First Read. For one thing, it's highly unlikely that these fake registrations actually get added to the rolls. And if they do, it's doubtful that Harry Potter, Han Solo, or Haywood Jablome would actually show up at the polls. The big problem these bogus forms present, says voting expert Doug Chapin, is that they gum up the process of approving legitimate registrations -- especially at a time when there have been so many new registered voters." First Watch - MSNBC

And let's not act like Voter Caging is any better:

"The Republican National Committee sent out "registration confirmation" mailers to thousands of registered Democratic voters in Florida this summer (you know, when the snow birds weren't there) with "do not forward" noticed attached in order to cage voters there as well. Their spokeswoman told a reporter that it "wasn't worth writing about," because, of course, they'd prefer that you not know that they're undertaking massive efforts to eliminate potential Democratic voters from non-provisional balloting on November 4th." Jezebel

IT'S POLITICS PEOPLE! Why act like anyone doesn't have their hands dirty?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Say what you will

... about Chicago Public Schools and their management. I still really respect that that CEO Arne Duncan refused the Abraham Lincoln Award from the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence.

Obviously this does not solve anything, but isn't it important to at least have recognition of these kids that keep dying? It's a good move on Duncan's part, but now it's time for him to actually do something about it.

Project Runway:


This was a whirlwind of an episode. Tim visits the designers at home, which is usually a whole episode in of itself. Not this hasty season, though! The designers are given not one, but TWO challenges: make a wedding dress that represents their collection as a whole and then make a last minute b.maid dress.

The Meet the Family and Friends episode is usually my favorite. This time, it was just so blah. Plus, it should be noted that Kenley has no friends to share with the cameras. I'm going to go ahead and generously begrudge that she probably does have friends - but there were none to be seen this time around.

Let's talk turkey. Please note that the photos this week BLOW, so you should really take a look at the Bryant Park collections for further reference:


Topiary Head by Jerrell, He of Terrible Styling

All is right with the world - Jerrell is not in the final three. Let me say that I actually totally love Jerrell now - who saw that coming? He would be a great friend. His designs, though... have not ever been my favorite. There is just too much going on with really poor execution. Out of all six collections that were actually shown at Bryant Park this year, Jerrell's wedding dress was my favorite piece. But for whatever reason, on the P.R. runway, it looked sloppy! That bridesmaid dress was fuuuuug. The fabric was ga-ross.


Toot, toot! All aboard the Lewis Carroll inspiration tugboat!

So, Kenley has been fighting her whole life, you guys. And even though she bothers me to no end and I think that using Alice in Wonderland as your reference is super dooper unimaginative - I loved these two dresses. Of course, these crap photos don't show you the whole of the wedding dress, but you just need to know that it's increadible. If the South Beach Diet continues to work, this will be my dream dress. Even though I'm pretty sure the bubble skirt has walked one too many runways as of late, the bridesmaid dress is totally cute and fun.


I can haz crap photos, plez?

This could have been the end for my dear Korto. Her wedding dress was SUCH a miss. Even when she was holding it on hanger in the work room, it was just like...'Oh, honey'. Bridesmaid dress wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I understand her reservation about not picking a color that made sense with her collection. The craftsmanship is there, it's just not a pretty dress. Honestly, the woman's collection is so much better than these two pieces of crap. I just hope the judges see it. I have to say that she was getting the loser edit so hard this episode, that she might actually stand a chance of winning the whole thing - because we'd all be so surprised!


These photos are an insult.

I almost didn't post the above photos of Leannes looks because they are so terrible. You can't see any of the overall look and they are really worth seeing. Leanne's whole collection is amazing. The additional b.maid look is a perfect fit with the other pieces in the collection. Overall, I really do think that Leanne's collection is the best. It is polished to a T. I'm still rooting for Korto, though - because I love her work (normally!) and could actually wear what she produces.

We shall see at next week's finale!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Because I don't know a single undecided voter...

I'm just going to post what I want! That's right! I said it!

I'm done trying to educate you all. Let the laughter commence!

The doody clock!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Brew ha-ha

With the economy being so crazy, you want to get the most bang for your buck. That's why it is really time for you to stop going out every weekend and just go to non-profit events with me! Think about it: you get a fixed rate for food and drink, you are helping great organizations with your contribution and (most importantly) you get to hang out with me! Um, where to you sign up? See below:

Let's talk about A Taste of Fall - a beer tasting to benefit the Lincoln Park Community Shelter. What is not to love about this event? We have a fall theme (loves), alcohol tasting (Loves) and a commemorative glass (LOVES).

To purchase tickets, click here. And do not cheap out! Go for the deluxe $75 package - it's for a great organization and you get a COMMEMORATIVE GLASS. I heart shwag and so do you. To learn more about Lincoln Park Community Shelter, watch this video. And grab a tissue.

You see? You will be doing great things for our community. COME!

Monday, October 6, 2008

No Witty Headline

How. Adorable. Are. These. Children?

I die. (Thank you, Ms. Zoe)

When my grandmother takes a break from forwarding me bone chilling, racist and unfunny political e-mails, she will once in a while pass along a good one.

From Grandma:

Woolworth was a dime store in Decatur, IL where we grew up. They had a food counter, we sat on stools and enjoyed a good lunch with a coke and I mean a real coke!!! Those were the good old days!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday, Saturday

Ok, let me preface this post by saying that I am not feeling well. I had a migraine on Friday that knocked me really low and I spent most of the weekend recovering. I hope that none of you will ever know the pained look in the eye of the Walgreen's clerk ringing up toilet paper and tampons for you on a Saturday Night at 9:30 p.m. It's a mix of pity and discuss. I just like to lump my shopping together by areas of the body!

While recouping, I watched alot of tv. I don't find SNL super funny these days, but for whatever reason, this skit killed me. I could not stop laughing at the baby hands! That popped the bubbles!

I hope you love it, too.

... Also this:

I kind of am reversing my stance on Anne Hathaway. I'm kind of loving her lately.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Teen Voter Abstinence

Also, this video. Can we talk about it?

This video made me laugh. "The only thing I did on drugs is play Halo 2". It's just that... I mean, I happen to agree with these people politically. But, I think this definitely has a lean to one political view point, thus negating the true message. Am I crazy?

I agree that celebrities should shut up about politics to some extent, but, then again, when they're asked - why shouldn't they say what they think?

Award shows? No, shut up.
Interview? Fine by me.
Someone want to tell me what I'm missing?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Project Runway - Live at Pine Grove and Diversey

Fully recognizing that I failed with my post last week and that I am a bum and ditched book club for Project Runway (let alone that I didn't finish the book...)

I am going to do an attempt at "live blogging" from my couch. Let's DO THIS THANG:

Previews from last week's show showing this week's show look soooo good. Tears, tears, TEARS!

Korto has gone after hear dreams... of being my boo. Leanne thinks Kenley is rude and Kenely thinks that it's Leanne fault that she is a one trick pony.

Miss Jerrell... has lost her damn mind. I just hope she doesn't start accessorizing with those damn 'fruit puppets'.

There's no model drama this week. Those ladies must be WELL RESTED. And thus - they had better work. And now it's field trip time!! God, there's only four left. What a wee group.

Botanic Gardens -- I'm a member of the Chicago Botanic Gardens, by the way. Tim Gunn just made a Joan Crawford joke... that fell dead with the group but made this little lady's heart go aflutter. They are going to take inspiration from nature and make a gown. Time to bust out the camera! OOH, those cameras are cool looking. Damn it. This product placement is getting to me.

Leanne is afraid of bees. She's totally that skinny girl on the playground who lost her shit anytime anything flew around her... am I right?! Korto drops in Africa - lest we forget. Gawd, all this floral is freaking tailor made for Kenley. I really like Korto's phallic phlower. It's pretty.

Hello, Mood! Jerell is color blind and Kenley found a print! Goodbye, Mood!

Sketch judgement: Leannes is so pretty and detailed. Jerrell's is ugly and vague.

OH NO! KENLEY WITHOUT TULLE IS LIKE JERRELL WITHOUT A JAUNTY HAT. This cannot BE. How will the how create her retread bullshit without all the puff? HOW?! Actually - I'm totally loving it. Karma's a bitch, bitch.

**Commercial Break**
I wish I could fast forward live TV. I really want to see The Duchess. I love costume drama. Bluefly has cool clothes that I can never bring myself to purchase. Hey! That's my bank! I don't get Grey's Anatomy and therefore don't like Private Practice. Even thought that guy from Wings is on it and he was really hot on Real Time with Bill Maher this past weekend. Alison is so damn cute. Her breathy voice makes me kind of stabby, but I still enjoy her. I hate the song in the Saturn Commercial. I'm going to run to the bathroom.

And we're back to Atlas. I wonder what will happen with Kenley Drew and the Case of the Missing Tulle. She looks grumpus. And we're back to Parsons. Kenley's angry at herself. Funny, so is everyone else. OH- but now Tim is going to bail her out. YOU. ARE. SO. LUCKY. POOPLEY.

EEP! Korto's behind. But then again, Leanne has nothing made. Jerrell really shouldn't talk about outfits that look like costumes, as that is what all of his shiz looks lke. That's right. I said it. Collier "pit face" Strong consults... bla de blah. Kenley doesn't know why she's always left out... and we all do. She's off to Mood to reflect on her sad tugboat life.

Toot me a river, Kenley! All aboard for baggage.

Kenley Drew: another case SOLVED!

**Commercial Break**
Stoopid AmEx. I don't want your card just to watch the aftershow. YAY - it's a motherf*ckin' walkoff with Daniel, my boo.

Back to Parsons. Korto has a good base - she really works well with Tim's edits. UG. UG. UG. I really hate Kenley's. Jerrell's is dumpy! There is potential... but right now it's dumpus. Leanne's looks very her - I hope she really does 'know what to do'. Tim's proud and I'm nervous. Ut oh. Don't cry Leanne - you've dreamed big! And SPOILER ALERT - I saw your collection at Bryant Park! So you get to go no matter what! Miss Jerrell is crying now! And Korto!

RUN, PEOPLE! DO THIS THING! Way to bring everyone down, Tim, with the whole "Aw, our last runway show!" thing. Wa waaaaa.

GAAAA! Kenley is going to try to tell ME that Leanne's look has "been done". LEANNE'S. Poopley, I have one word for you: Belenciaga. Shut the hell up.

It's runway time!

**Commerical Break**
The answer to the cell phone vote is A. Why? {Kenley's} a pain! It's Nick and Nora's Junobad Development that I will still see.

Heidi is wearing a jaunty tuxedo. Did Jerrell style her? Let's meet the judges. OOOOOhhhh, I love Marchesa - I hope she's mean. Korto's color is really pretty. The lace didn't work. Leanne's is veryLeanne but the train is weird. Jerrell's fits really poorly. Kenley's is totally fug.

Let's see what the judges think...

They don't like Leanne's train, either.

Dayam. They don't like Kortos. They think she did too much and didn't do her good editing like she normally do.

Jerrell's is off in an 'interesting way'?? After ripping the guts out of Korto? RRRRR

Kenley = creepy, cliche, defensive.

Now they ask why they should move forward to Fashion Week, eventhoughtheyallwillshowatBryantParkandthensome. Cry, cry, YELL, cry and everyone hates Kenley. Kenley hates everyone and will be sophisticated and has been fighting HER WHOLE TUGBOAT LIFE, you guys.

... and Tee hee. Korto is gonna say what she want... which will totally contradict the fact that she slammed Kenley on the runway, too. Whateves.

**Commerical Break**

And the winner is - Jerrell (LAME)
And the loser is - no one... yet.

Typical. I liked Jerrell's the collection the least, so there.

And I'm Out. Bloop.


... Ok. I'm really sorry.

I have failed my two readers by a) not finishing my Project Runway post and b) not blogging for like a week. I suck at writing down my inane thoughts!

I'm back, though and do hope you'll forgive me!


Project Runway has been blocked from moving to Lifetime! Something tells me that this will get overturned, as the Weinstein Co. is super dooper rich, but let a girl dream!

Also, my thanks to M. S-S for passing on this article about how we should stop feeling sorry for Sarah Palin. It's like a get out of guilt free card!

What do we think will happen tomorrow?

Inner City Pressure
Update: 12:30 p.m.

Terrifying news from Huffington Post. Palin is a good debater. And since this format is in her favor, we might be in trubs.

My hope is that by typing my deepest, darkest fear will mean that it will not happen.