Monday, August 11, 2008

Olympics: Heck, yes.

Sometimes, I try to be witty - but it's usually just stolen from other people. This, I truly believe, is how 89% of America gets to be funny, by quoting something to get a laugh. Not that I'm better than that... because I pretty much want to copy and paste the following post from's Magnificent Sara Schaefer re: the Opening Ceremonies.

Human rights?! More like human LIGHTS!

The Olympics are my favorite thing ever, so much so that I went out and got the whole HDTV set up just to enhance my viewing abilities. This turned out to be the most wise and auspicious choice as I now get a network that airs 24 HOUR OLYMPIC COVERAGE. Move over Bob Costas - China v.s. Russia Women's Handball is on!

That was a joke. Bob Costas shall never be moved over and pretty much IS the Olympics for me - that jaunty demenor teamed with encyclopedic knowledge and the ablity to grill the president long enough to make him late for swimming events... a true American idol. (TOTALLY something Bob would say, by the way.)

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