Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lucas OUCH Stadium

Uhhh, so my Colts did not have a great night at their season opener versus Da Bears. Because I want to be supportive, I will say that the new stadium is looking good:

But its inaugural game?


Typically, I don't watch early in the season because (like most things) I get way to invested in each game and give myself an ulcer. Under normal circumstances, I wish the Bears well and even cheer for them from time to time. Tonight, they were on point and the legendary defense was back in full force. Urlacher is as scary as ever. Kyle "Neck Beard" Orton performed really nicely... it's hard to imagine what Bears fans are like when they aren't crucifying their quarterback after every game. It's totally a new era.

Brian Urlacher: Always Terrifying

I think Payton's owie has really just psyched him out. He wasn't pushing back on the Bear's blitzes but, then again, its clear that he can't really put his full trust in Marvy-Marv quite yet. And with Dallas Clark out with HIS ouchie - rough start all around. At least Bob Sanders is still fucking awesome.

Screw you if you don't love you some Bob Sanders!! BOBAAAAAAY! (You do and you know it) So, tip of the hat to the Bears - defeat really smarts. Here's hoping my classy attitude will pay off for us down the line.

(Please note how I have note even mentioned my SUPER smugness about Tom Brady's knee... see how classy?!?!)

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