Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doggy Daily News: Day 2

Alright, people. I understand that you may not care to hear about the dog 24/7. I understand that being so obsessed with the dog makes me one of "those people". So, I will do my best to provide you with a non-dog related entry for every Droopy update. It's going to be tough, but I'm up for the challenge! If you are sick of dog news, stop reading now!

Droopy the Dog!

When I got home from work yesterday, the Droopster had been in his crate for 2 hours. He was wound up and ready to walk! We took an extra long walk through the park, which he loved. He likes leaves and tall grass... that must be where the good smells are! When we got home, our friends Mary Beth and Erin stopped by to meet Droops and to order in some dinner with me.

After they left, I attempted the seemingly impossible: giving Droopy a bath. The reasons for this were two-fold: A1) he was really smelly from the shelter and B2) he has been shedding like a maniac. I read that beagles shed seasonally and that stress can make it worse, so you can imagine what the apartment looks like right about now. Droops has avoided the bathroom since he heard me taking a shower yesterday, so he figured out what was up right away. I only filled the tub with an inch of water and then kept the faucet on low while using a plastic cup to get his fur damp. He kept his face on the ledge of the tub the whole time and one paw at the ready to hoist himself out if I gave him an opening. Other than that, there was no whining or barking, which rocked.

alex's parents gave us a little bottle of dog shampoo to use and it worked really well. We have an old bristle brush which works really nicely to remove old fur. He actually likes being brushed (probably because it feels like petting) - yet another bonus. Long story short - he looks so much better! His coat has a good shine to it and he doesn't stink. We had a great walk this morning as the sun was rising and he ate the breakfast I laid out for him. Progress all around.

Tonight's adventure: trying to find dog treats that he likes....

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