Monday, January 26, 2009

Yummy Yummy Right Here

We had lunch as a staff today and were speaking a bit about school foods and what we used to eat when we were in grade school and college. When I think back to my lunch choices in one of the two cafeterias available at my high school, I almost always opted for the pizza, fries and popsicle combo - possibly some steamed broccoli doused in Velveeta as a side. I think I ate this pretty much every single school day for four years.

Mind boggling, really and no wonder that all caught up with me at this point in my life! The nonprofit I work for focuses on empowering women and children and as such, we advocate on issues that effect the lives of that constituency. The Healthy Schools campaign reminds us that the Child Nutrition Act is up for renewal in 2009 and is gathering signatures to ensure that the bill is re-authorized and given increased funding to ensure that children have the building blocks of health available to them in school. Consider adding your voice today:
Help Support the Future of School Food - Healthy Schools Campaign

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