Monday, April 28, 2008

Wine + Friday Night = Slow-Going Saturday

Friday night, I worked a wine tasting event hosted by the non-profit I work for. It was a great success from what I hear; I worked the door most of the night and only saw the comings and goings of people. I did find a wine I really enjoyed. It's actually a blend... is that tacky? I'm wondering if this is like stating "I'd rather have Arby's" when presented with a tasting menu from Charlie Trotter's or something.

Well, whatever. I've posted three items on this blog, so ya'll don't know me! I do what I want!

The wine, incidentally, is called Seven Daughters. It has a red and white version, and I'm plugging the red here. Sweet and crisp with cute branding... it's my new go-to hostess gift. alex will have more scoop on the other offerings of the evening as he was an actual guest of the tasting. He was very social and cheerful (which I strongly encouraged him to be, as this is my place of work) and even managed to keep the robot talk to a minimum. You know that's a major social faux pas in professional-social settings: brining up politics, religion or robots.

Saturday morning I managed to wake up with a dull thud of a headache. This is actually a good thing for me because usually I am completely ill for 24 hours after any alcohol consumption over 8 ounces. True story. Ask anyone.

Upon my miraculous recovery, both alex and I actually had an entire weekend where we had no pressing obligations. That being said, I made about 10,000 plans for the coming weeks that left me pretty booked until the end of June, at least.

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