Thursday, April 24, 2008


you know what? i like robots. a lot. i think that robots are amazingly interesting and not the least bit intimidating. sadly, i have noticed an extreme lack of robots and robot-related information in our culture. this is wrong. robots do not have to be our enemies, they can be our friends. while i am not an advocate for artificial intelligence, i am an advocate for the normalization of human-robot relations. everyone should interact with a robot at least once, and if they are still not convinced, then i will be willing to respect their robophobia, as much as it may pain me. one final note on robots. i hope that in the future (ideally within one to two years time) everyone who wants a robot may acquire one at a minimal cost. that would be sweet.

also, yesterday, Laura and i saw rick bayless. or as Laura calls him, "that frontera grill guy".

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