Sunday, May 4, 2008

Car Talk: Seal

The following is a paraphrased conversation held between the two writers of this blog driving home from a nice afternoon at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and a scenic drive through the North Shore at approximately 8:45 p.m.:

[ Song starts up on the radio]

alex: Do you know what song this is?

Laura: Yes.

alex: What song is it?

Laura: It's that one from the thing... I know it!

a: It's "Fly Like an Eagle" by The Steve Miller Band.

L: Yeah, I knew that... only I preferred the Seal version better, which is why I couldn't come up with it right away.
[Sidebar: I could not actually identify the song, but alex likes to push you in to admitting that you don't know something he knows everything about, hence the above artful dodging]

a: From the Space Jam soundtrack??

L: Yeah! My sister loved that soundtrack when she was younger, and I really liked that song.

a: And R. Kelly's "I Believe I Can Fl--"

L: STOP!!! I hate that song.

a: Apparently, Seal has a large package... Apparently....

L: ... Obviously.

a: I'm just saying, that's what I hear...

L: I don't think that was ever really in question. Seal is hot -- I think so, because Laura Winslow thought so in that episode where she goes to the Seal concert and remarks how "Fooooiiiine" he is. Since we have the same name, I agree.

a: Yeeeah. Remember "Kiss from a Rose"?

[Long story omitted about how my local morning zoo show would play the same line up every morning and I woke up to aforementioned song almost every morning of sixth grade. Actually, that's pretty much the story...]

L: I still really like that song, even though it makes me remember almost every article of clothing I had in sixth grade.

a: I loved when he harmonized....

L&a in perfect harmony: "I.... IIIII've been Kissed by a rose"

a: "On the grave" L: "On the flame!"

L: .... Hmmm, it's probably on the grave. I honestly don't know any for the words from that song... just the melody.

a: Me neither.

L: "Theeeere's a leaning tower on the wrong side of me" wait... or maybe it's "Lonely Tower" [Totally wrong. Totally, totally wrong]

a: I really don't know...

[Silence follows then we both shout in perfect unison]

My power, My Pleasure, MY PAIIIN!


L: Shooba dooba lone addiction skibaskiba ba bam... A Did you know... that when it snows... my eyes become wide and the light that you shine can be seen?

a: I think it's "My eyes become large"[He's right, once again]

L: Ew, that sounds weird... Welp, I just figured out what you'll be spending your last four dollars in ITunes on...

a: Heidi Klum's one lucky bitch.

L: He's totally Foooine.


You don't know the words either, so just watch the awesome ass video!

Seal: Totally Foooine

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