Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's like Holly Golightly meets MY BUTT!

Soliloquy didn't get to watch Project Runway last night. I almost didn't either, as I was at an advanced screening of Ricky Gervais' new movie (yes, yes... it's true!). In fact, I was supposed to wait until Saturday to watch it with my usual local PR viewing buddy... but I couldn't resist. I got home in time for the re-run right after Sheer Genius.

Stapes-Solil did get to see the runway, which is really the only interesting part to watch these days and, as per usual, had many deft and wry observations...

M. S-S: i didn't get to watch PR
Actually, I almost didn't either

M. S-S: was at work until midnight and went to bed

me: goo!!

M. S-S: full disclosure - i watched the runway show
so i know who won/left etc

me: honestly, you didn't miss much

M. S-S: all of the dresses were ugly, i thought

me: the challenge wasn't really... a challenge

M. S-S: i liked kenley's

me: I hated Kenley's

Project Rungay said it best: "...It's such a modern shape and silhouette, but that fabric looks like the DNA-infused bedspread in an '80s motel."

me: the print was just not working for me
i loved her photo

M. S-S: i liked the shape

me: I liked Leanne’s
I called Jennifer's Auf-ing from the get go
I don't even remember seeing her before this episode
so, I was surprised when Emily was gone

Oh, hey everybody! I'm whimsical and odd!

M. S-S: exact same here
emily is a snaggletooth

me: even though her hair was effing nuts
she looked like an ostrich
I just couldn't get past it
deliberately odd people really irk me

M. S-S: she looked like she cut her bangs with a weedwhacker
and the stupid headbands
news flash: you are not a flapper

me: giggity goo
It's almost as bad as saying your work is "Holly Golightly goes to a Dali exhibit"
If your work needs a soundbite
it sucks

Debbie Downer, now residing in Italy, confuses Surrealism with Mumu

M. S-S: yes
and there is absolutely nothing surreal about her work
at. all.
it's not even an accurate soundbite

me: very true
I thought her idea was cool
but there was no follow through

M. S-S: i just saw the dresses so have none of the background
but her dress was whack
also, blayne's dress was really similar to emily's i thought

me: I am over blayne

not that I was ever "under" him

Suede actually used the work "I" in an interview

so, there's that

M. S-S: Monrovia doesn't like suede
thinks suede is too old to be dressing like he belongs in the skate park
Monrovia thinks suede's dress was ho-wear

me: ok, hilarious
I have to go review Suede's dress
i totally don't remember it

Yawnsville in the City

M. S-S: it reminds me of michael's fashion week collection
sexy safari or whatever
shiny with a collar

me: Don't remind me of that sad catastrophe. I love me some Michael Knight
It was ok for me... but not forward and not at all having to do with the super easy "challenge"
Again, not to be too whiny, but why do they even bother with challenges anymore if they aren't going to actually CHALLENGE the designers

M. S-S: because these suckers aren't really that talented?
and OH
i like terri
but wtf was with her dress being in the top??

me: I really wasn't seeing it either
but I guess it was "forward" or something
It wasn't cute or anything

M. S-S: the print was whack

me: but I think I'm blinded because I like her

M. S-S: and i thought it was dated

me: I thought she was screwed when it was on the dress form

M. S-S: weren't we all wearing pants over dresses like 4 years ago?

me: but on the model it wasn't... so... bad?
I just remember the Kara Saun - Nancy O'Dell leather pants for the Grammy's thing
and that was no good

M. S-S: that was no good
and that was WHACK
because the dress was gorgeous
so why put it over big orange leather pants?

me: good question
and five seasons later
here we are with a pant - dress combo deemed fabulous
I think Joe is too literal for the show
I think he's the new Marla, but a better sewer

M. S-S: yes
ooh i hated marla
i forgot about her

me: I saw her in person at a sad little booth at this big art show downtown last November
and it was all just so sad-sack

M. S-S: whoa
did you say anything to her?

me: I did not, it was all too pathetic and I high tailed it out of there
I couldn't even feign interest in the clothes

It's a busy day in the neighborhood for Stapes and I, so we had to go do our respective jobs.[Fin]

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