Saturday, August 16, 2008

I'm TELLING you!

So... I'm tired, people. The Olympics have caused me to fall asleep on the couch right before the major medal ceremony every single night. As a result, I'm not breaking any Olympic news for you - and yet my enthusiasm remains strong.

The one that really pained me to miss was the Women's Gymnastics All-around medal ceremony because I didn' t know who one for like, four hours or something nutty like that! I was really rooting for Nastia, not because Shawn Johnson isn't awesome (she is) and not because I hate Iowa (how could I?!?) but because I really feel like Nastia is able to handle a lot of pressure. Her dad is her spotter! And he's a former Olympian! I would lose it on day one, as anyone knows my fabled golf-as-a-teenager stories. I admire her for the confidence to work through that and also... for being to graceful!!! Like a DANCER!

And Bela agrees with me... the below video is my favorite. "SHE'S A CHAMPION! I'M TELLING YOU!"

UPDATE: This video has been deleted

It's true, Bela. You totally told me.

Also, I'm not going to say that somewhere in the deepest darkest part of my horrid, caucasian heart, I don't see the humor in these pictures. However, is it a great move for a team of elite athletes bestowed with the honor of representing their country? PROBABLY NOT.

It takes me back to the playground in fifth grade. I expect them to break out into a song about "me put pee pee in your Coke" or something equally as culturally observant.

Apparently though, "the Chinese" are a-ok with it:

Frank Zhang, Li Ning's director of government and public affairs, played down the incident.

"We don't think this is an insulting gesture to the Chinese," Zhang said. "In fact, the gesture shows that the Spanish team is so humorous, relaxing and cute. They sat around a dragon pattern, which we think showed respect to the Chinese.

"Li Ning Ltd. will not change any business plans with the Spanish team because of this," Zhang added. "People should focus on great Olympic Games instead of something else."

Please note: The Chinese people have not actually seen these photos (for their own good, riiight??!) and therefore only high ranking folks in business/ the government have had a chance to review them. These would be the same people for whom a successful Olympics is the primary objective so...I'm sure everyone's totally fine with it. TOTALLY relaxing and cute.

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