Friday, August 15, 2008

Bordering on SWEET

Sour Grapes Alert!

You may know that alex once worked as a Special Orders manager at Borders, Inc. He was let go due to the company hemorraging money and also the innovative concept that Corporate HQ had to sell books ...(wait for it)... on the internet. This novel idea is sure to propel the company into the year 2000 with phenominal success!

To get in on the ground floor of what is sure to be a mildly popular utility used by a few super NERDS (who intrinsically heart books, am I right?!), Borders has created a new concept store where people can use computers to customize things and order books. This is a genius idea, as the personal computer has not contributed to the success of it's main competitors for the last 12 years or so one iota.

Quoth the article:
Unfortunately, the future for Borders is about five years ago for everyone else. The concept behind this Concept Borders? Computers!

What's next for these hipster geniuses? Make your own karaoke music video to any Beach Boys song for only 10.99? A rotery phone booth you can use for five bucks a call?! A mixed tape studio?! Siiiiigh...

Even though I'm resentful, I still really like this video of Ira Glass, because This American Life is my great love.

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