Thursday, August 21, 2008


Best Project Runway episode of all time. I'm not kidding you.




I love me some drag queens. Direct quote from alex's mom last evening: "Does it have to be so... gay?!"

YOU'D BETTER BELIEVE IT! Monrovia Staples- Soliloquy totally agreed:
me: A dream come true!

M. S-S: i mean really

me: My favorite challenge thus far

M. S-S: best project runway episode ever, possibly
at least since season 2

me: In the history of the show
Although, some of those ladies were a mess!

M. S-S: you know what killed me? seeing the queens as normal looking dudes

What is going ON right now!?!

me: Totally! I was watching with my friend Erin and we were like "My mind is BLOWN" And Acid was a totally cute dude

M. S-S: definitely

me: Not to repeat myself
But I love me some terri

M. S-S: i love her too she's great and her outfit was pretty spectacular

me: And I loved that kimono
Totally. It was perfect for her lady
Her GIANT lady

M. S-S: 7 foot tall drag queen
i want to adopt one

me: Me too
I will say, while I'm not a Joe person
He really worked thay jumpsuit out
It was the fit that did it

Ann Margret bulked up!

M. S-S: i actually liked the jumpsuit better than terri's hers was a little...psycho transvestite killer from silence of the lambs? maybe?

me: Ouch! I thought it was really fitting for the Drag Queen
And since it wasn't made of human skin... I didn't make that connection

M. S-S: heh i just thought it was a leeeeeeetle scary
is all i'm saying i did like it
but not as much as joe's

me: Major sidenote:
As a child, I was TERRIFIED of Geisha women
I had a Kid Songs sing along tape with accompanying book of words/ festive photos
And Sa-ku-ra freaked my shit out because of the dancing Geisha in the book
So, I see what you're saying


M. S-S: haaaaaa i love sa-ku-ra
i can play it on the saxophone

me: I thought they were ghosts
And instead of saying "boo" they say sa-ku-ra
And throw cherry blossoms at you
I'm actually over it now
I have transfered that fear to Clowns, like any normal adult

M. S-S: that's hilarious

me: Aaaaanyway, Joe did a great job
It was so ... Funny!
It made me laugh
It was the little hat

M. S-S: it helped his drag queen was awesome

me: Detachable bangs!!!
And the "candy belt"

M. S-S: and the anchor accessories i'm guessing those didn't come from the bluefly accessories wall...

me: Yeeeah, the l'oreal room clearly was not the only make up session for the ladies
Like they would trust anyone but themselves
This whole show made me so happy

M. S-S: word - i know

Me: Red sequence!
7 foot lady man!
Daniel's gone!!!!1!!

M. S-S: i really liked korto's by the way with the crazy fire collar

Proud Mary, keep on burnin'!
me: Korto's was amazing
It looked like it would take days
And Chris was loving it

M. S-S: i knew daniel was gone

me: Me, too

M. S-S: and he didn't listen to tim
as soon as tim identified issues with his outfit
ALWAYS listen to tim

me: But keith's was awful

Keif: Why you do dat?
M. S-S: the sad chicken

me: It was one sad-assed chicken
I kept expeting Daniel to scream at the judges "THIS IS NOT ART, DAMN YOU!"

M. S-S: he's so...sweaty
and nervous
and squirmy

me: And greasy

M. S-S: keith, on the other hand, is hot
minus the rattail
so i cannot argue with the decision to keep keith around thanks, judges!

me: His hotness is fading for me
His one noteiness diminishes the good-looks

M. S-S: enough with the fringe, dude

me: The more lame his fashion gets, the bigger that former mormon rat-tail looks
Yeah, let's see movement from something else besides fabic tatters
Liiike, oh, draping or something

M. S-S: draping! the return of rami

also -- the wookie thing cracked me up

me: Drapes by Rami!

M. S-S: i still don't like blayne but he and jerrell have grown on me

me: Yes, Jerrell was on fire last night
I loved when he started called Suede's Drag Queen "lettuce head"

Lettuce entertain you... do the cabbage patch!

M. S-S: and SUEDE what a freaking weirdo

me: That grandfather hallucination?

M. S-S: my dead grandfather told me to make lettuce gloves!

me: I was cracking up
And the b-roll footage of him just staring off in the work room
Suede hearts shrooms

M. S-S: his voice is strange to me his inflection sounds like a prim southern lady

me: He's like 35 going on 3
I have blue hair and you have green hair. You be my model now?

M. S-S: i dug his model
although she was right, it was a little godzilla

me: I loved lettucehead!
Her runway walk was like shuffle off the buffalo

M. S-S: how about the pterydactol?

ps -- i want to go to gay jurassic park

It's Triacciclicous?

me: In theory, it was fine for the Queen
But droopy wings reminds me that the lady has a penis
And I don't want that

M. S-S: I liked it! And I really liked Leanne's

me: I think blayne's asthetic pairs perfectly for this challenge
which... I guess really doesn't say much for him in the grad scheme of fashion
but at least he can have a day job
Leanne's was awesome

It is the distant future: the year 2000.

M. S-S
: she's growing on me

me: Once again, she reminds me of Diana
with the asthetic
but she's a much better sewer

M. S-S: definitely similar to diana and i agree she's better

me: also: nice call on the barfolicious

M. S-S: i found her etsy shop at one point

me: I liked Jerrell's colors
but not the dress

M. S-S: same here
the dress was too long
i liked kenleys

me: it was good but the zipper looked like shit

M. S-S: true
stella's was ok

me: it wasn't really right for the lady
M. S-S: the color combo reminded me of the ruffly coat jillian and victoria made last season

me:Um, also-
RuPaul looked BAAAAAAD

Can I get a little effort, Ru Ru?

M. S-S: what was UP with that wig?
for shame

me: SO BAD, right?!
S/He is so much better than that
Friz-ez much?

M. S-S: rupaul was not taking any shit, though
did the dingo eat your baby, too?

me: I love the term "candy belt"
thanks, RuPaul
I really thought Daniel was going to lose his mind
it was SO squirmy

M. S-S: i'm so glad he's gone

me: god, me too.
"what are the Olympics?"
"they don't have drag queens at boarding school"

M. S-S: "here, i made a cocktail dress. it may be ugly but it's very high end"
hey, daniel - do me a solid and shut up

me: my taste is IMPECCABLE, lady, what are you even talking about?!

M. S-S: get off my tv and take a shower
ok, i gotta run
but hooray for drag queens!

me: thanks for the blog fodder!

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