Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dark Days

Maybe it's the desire for cupcakes, or maybe I woke up and heard that the world was going to end this morning but I'm getting a really bad feeling about the election. Adam McKay has written a scary-but-true piece for Huffington Post "We're Going to Frickin' Lose This Thing" .

And I have no response! It's my worst nightmare, but it's definitely coming true with the seemingly-bullet proof Palin as the REAL Presidential nominee for the Repubs. I feel the darkness surrounding me. I honestly don't know how I'll be able to function in such a shamed and broken country that I forsee under a McCain administration.

I can try to console myself with the coverage that Palin doesn't understand basic economics - in particular that deregulation her party claims to love so much... but it's no use. Four more years of hell - here we come.


I'm still bummed, but here are pictures of Edward Norton being awesome and attractive at a photo shoot for Breil - for whom he will be a spokesman for something like three years!

I am Jack's suave je nais se quoi.

I am Jack's huge watch.

Even alex has to give it up!

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E said...

Thank you for sexy Ed Norton. Thank you!