Friday, September 12, 2008

Dear City of Chicago Planned Property Management,


Yesterday was a nice late summer day and I had my windows open. No harm in that, right? Oh, no... unless the City of Chicago is lining the sewers management company has some guy sawing into the brick of the building. Even though I'm 8 stories up, I came home to this:

Out of context, this may look fine, but this TV stand... WAS BROWN WHEN I LEFT! Seriously - my house looks like a haunted house sans cobwebs. And the worst part is - it's not just dust, it's sand! And when you walk by it, it's thrown up in the air. And when you turn on the AC, it's thrown directly in your face. And when you get the sand sucked up, it's all over you and there is still dust everywhere.

Thank god it's only my kitchen and sitting room, but what a total pain in the butt. One super-fun weekend, coming up!

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