Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My work e-mail has been riddled with errors all week and I'm spending the day importing every e-mail I've ever received since beginning my job in January. Let me just tell you, there are thousands! Can you imagine if this was just thirty years ago... that would be have been countless phone calls and paperwork all with little documentation. What an amazing world it is sometimes...

You know what else is amazing? Carly Fiorina is going to 'disappear'.

Carly is the former (terrible) CEO of HP and is now a top official in the McCain campaign. She was on the record yesterday saying that neither Palin or McCain could 'run a business'. She went on to say that neither Obama or Biden could, either, but the damage is done. The byte is out there and is a tough blow to a party who argues that this country can be run 'like a business!' and puts such high regard on executive experience.

I'm not one to get outraged over perceived slights in commercials. It's really a waste of time. I get the humor that was supposed to come from the new McDonald's coffee commercials and I think the "two guys" really has the tone they were going for:

But the "two women" kind of portrays the average American woman as... well... sick and tired of pretending to be 'with it'.

In the end, it's fast food and not a senior doctoral thesis. But this segment from NPR does have some food for thought. What do YOU think, two readers?

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E said...

How American! Micky D's has coffee! That's great! Now I can get fat and be uninformed while I get my fix in the mornings...just like I always wanted to do but was afraid of before! I hate thinking! Do you know why? 'Cause I'm a real American woman. I don't think I just want to look pretty and hunt me a moose. WOOHOO!

whatever. i still won't go to McD's