Thursday, September 4, 2008

Project Runway: American Express THIS

Alright - so I have a breakfast meeting today and will not be able to dish with the lovely Monrovia Staples-Soliloquy, as she has a big-time job and must watch Congress do they thing, as it were.

Therefore, you just get my thoughts as of 6:30 a.m. today. LUCKY YOU!

I need to start by saying that last night's show had all the elements that I love in Project Runway. There are fewer designers, which means that more of episode is actually dedicated to talking about the fashions rather than the stupid shit going down with the other designers. Not only did we get to hear some really smart tips from everybody's favorite Tim Gunn, but the challenge was great. I, for one, love me some Diane von Furstenburg.


I especially love her FABRICS! Talk about print- Uli would have shisse-ed herself had this challenge been during her season. But, alas, the less talented - more boring designers got to run amok in DvF's sample room (can you IMAGINE!?!? Those lucky bastards!). Aaaaand this is what they made:

To echo a sentiment I am sure I will see on Project Rungay later today - there was a lot of ass on that runway this week. And (another sign of a good episode) I totally disagreed with the judges.

Once again, it's Leanne, the silent fashion assassin For the Win!

Yup. Sure is alot of 'design' in there...

I mean... I get it. It's not horrid and it clearly did take alot of work. I have nothing against Leanne and I think she's a good designer - I just felt like this was... expected. The coat boarders on sloppy and I'm not really seeing "spy" in the Marlene Dietrich sense. I see it more in the Grace Kelly vein.

What I freaking L.O.V.E.D. was Kortos:


That print!!! I LOVED that print and it couldn't fit better with Korto's point of view. I thought this was so well thought out and alex loved the jacket (agreed!). Ok, maybe I'll grant you that it's not 100% bisexual-Berliner-suspected-spy-fleeing-to-New York-via-Shanghai, but I really do see some of that in here, particularly in the cut of the jacket and the detailing. This was my winner and I really think Korto needs it. She is SUCH a sad sack on the runway.

Speaking of literal:

Blah, blah, blah

Kenley's. Is it well made? You bet. Was it bold to go with one piece when everyone else was doing three? Meh, the judges seemed to think so. Is this print/ outfit worth getting so worked up about? NO. She was lucky Diane liked her piss poor attitude and bitchiness to Heidi. If only Keith could have been confrontational yet bubbly and charming!

Alright - all together now.


I'm going to say this and then faint from shock, but I really don't think Stella deserved to go home on this one. LOOK at that HEINOUS crap up there! On the left, we have Suede's ill-fit, poorly executed, muddy color story blah fest. At least he can't blame any of his dead consorts on this one... something tells me this is all Suede, baby.

In the center, we have JOE. If the model had a special shoe that made one leg 1 inch higher than the other, this would have been PERFECT on the fit. Plus, this is not von Furstenburg. This is a spandex nightmare.

An on the right... Jerell? Let's be real with each other. That hat did not come from the accessory wall, did it? It's from your suitcase next to all your other little garments and trinkets that you use to fashion yourself into a Indonesian pool boy on the runway each week. I hate repeating myself, but you really cannot style your mannequins.

Here's my honest assessment of Stella:

Was she going to Bryant Park? No! Was this the outfit she should have gone home for? I really don't think so. I thought it was an interesting spin. I could see the story. Again, I refer you to the three above examples and ask you what makes this so much more offensive?! Honestly, the fit wasn't great but i thought the top was executed well and the look made sense for the challenge. Clearly DvF had tons of issues with it, but I must say that Joe's missed the mark way more than this. I'll miss Stella. I hope she and Ratbones will be very happy.

In closing:

Terri and Blayne: nice coats.

Terri, you're the HBIC and I love you. I think your looks are classy and walk the runway nicely. But let's go for a win and push through a little bit. I KNOW you can do it.

Blayne, please don't make Aladdin capri's happen. PLEASE! But thank you for not making them out of Lycra, I guess...

I must run, but can I just say that all of the AmEx sponsorship is chapping my ass. I can't see the after-show special nor can I buy Leanne's winning design (like I would) because I don't care to have a credit card that isn't accepted most places I go! BOO!

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