Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Snappy Chappies

I am feeling better. I am ten pounds lighter, I'm eating carbs again and I never realized how delicious fruit really can be.

That being said, It's really hard for me to get extremely worked up and blog about stuff, so I'm going to give you stuff to read and look at today. Sound fair? Good. Deal with it.

I'm as sick of the 'sexist' talk as the next gal, but this was interesting. I do hope they "Free Sarah Palin" so that she falls on her face. Ja? Ja.

Bill Clinton on the Daily Show trying to answer for his 'lack of enthusiasm' when it comes to Barack.

Whatever, Chris Rock is still funnier.

And now it's the New York Times' fault that Rick Davis is shady. What a liberal rag they are with their freaking "questions" and "facts".

Then, there's this!(From Best Week Ever)

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Kathleen said...

I just looked at your blog through twitter! 10 pounds?! Good for you! I'm so impressed!