Thursday, September 25, 2008

Project Runway: It Would Help if You Lost the Sarcasm

So - last night was really a fun episode. I laughed alot and really enjoyed myself - but I will say once again that the damn challenge had too much going on! Just stick with the genre thing OR let them design for each other. These models have never had LESS to do with this show. And - because I know you're wondering - they did the model elimination because there were freaking three to let go. When you get down to four designers and you have 8 to chose from, it's even more of a blood bath. So, that's why that happened. I'm quite sure.

Yes, Kenley sucks. I don't and haven't denied it for a long time now. I will say this - I'm not sure Tim is an authority on Hip Hop. However, he is involved with the industry and has eyes and ears, unlike Ken-dawg over there. In a way, her look from Grease (for Leanne) would almost work if you think of Lil' Mama or Rhianna. That is, if the fit wasn't HORRID, the fabric was different and those insane military gold buttons weren't on them.

And can we all be honest and say that there was no possiblitiy of Kenley going home? ZE.RO.
Leanne even has proportions like a model. I almost threw my homemade pizza (YUM) at the television when Kenely was trying to act like Leanne didn't sell the outfit, which is why the judges weren't responding. PU LEAZE. No, Leanne is not hip-hop, but the outfit is supposed to say something. And all this said was "One Trick Poney Belenciaga Retread". At least it paid off when she say that LL Cool J was in the hizzie. Talk about Oops, I Crapped My Pants. How 'unfair' for the girl... one. single. tear.

I will update a bit late today - work has actually be busting my chops this week!

In the interim, please enjoy this National Geographic interview of Lisa Simpson in honor of the Simpsons 20th (!!) season.

Also, check out the new Entertainment Weekly cover! (And corresponding article)

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