Thursday, October 9, 2008

Project Runway:


This was a whirlwind of an episode. Tim visits the designers at home, which is usually a whole episode in of itself. Not this hasty season, though! The designers are given not one, but TWO challenges: make a wedding dress that represents their collection as a whole and then make a last minute b.maid dress.

The Meet the Family and Friends episode is usually my favorite. This time, it was just so blah. Plus, it should be noted that Kenley has no friends to share with the cameras. I'm going to go ahead and generously begrudge that she probably does have friends - but there were none to be seen this time around.

Let's talk turkey. Please note that the photos this week BLOW, so you should really take a look at the Bryant Park collections for further reference:


Topiary Head by Jerrell, He of Terrible Styling

All is right with the world - Jerrell is not in the final three. Let me say that I actually totally love Jerrell now - who saw that coming? He would be a great friend. His designs, though... have not ever been my favorite. There is just too much going on with really poor execution. Out of all six collections that were actually shown at Bryant Park this year, Jerrell's wedding dress was my favorite piece. But for whatever reason, on the P.R. runway, it looked sloppy! That bridesmaid dress was fuuuuug. The fabric was ga-ross.


Toot, toot! All aboard the Lewis Carroll inspiration tugboat!

So, Kenley has been fighting her whole life, you guys. And even though she bothers me to no end and I think that using Alice in Wonderland as your reference is super dooper unimaginative - I loved these two dresses. Of course, these crap photos don't show you the whole of the wedding dress, but you just need to know that it's increadible. If the South Beach Diet continues to work, this will be my dream dress. Even though I'm pretty sure the bubble skirt has walked one too many runways as of late, the bridesmaid dress is totally cute and fun.


I can haz crap photos, plez?

This could have been the end for my dear Korto. Her wedding dress was SUCH a miss. Even when she was holding it on hanger in the work room, it was just like...'Oh, honey'. Bridesmaid dress wazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I understand her reservation about not picking a color that made sense with her collection. The craftsmanship is there, it's just not a pretty dress. Honestly, the woman's collection is so much better than these two pieces of crap. I just hope the judges see it. I have to say that she was getting the loser edit so hard this episode, that she might actually stand a chance of winning the whole thing - because we'd all be so surprised!


These photos are an insult.

I almost didn't post the above photos of Leannes looks because they are so terrible. You can't see any of the overall look and they are really worth seeing. Leanne's whole collection is amazing. The additional b.maid look is a perfect fit with the other pieces in the collection. Overall, I really do think that Leanne's collection is the best. It is polished to a T. I'm still rooting for Korto, though - because I love her work (normally!) and could actually wear what she produces.

We shall see at next week's finale!

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