Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ad Men

I was listening to a really interesting Diane Rehm Show podcast yesterday about Barbie celebrating 50 years. It really made reflect on how I was totally influenced by advertising as a kid. I was that that kid that was really disappointed when I had non-Jello brand pudding pops. I received a doll for a gift that was Barbie's size but not actually Barbie... and I noticed right away. During this reflection, I congratulated myself for overcoming that indoctrination and being a really savy, cool consumer now.

Mmmbut then I saw this ad for T-mobile this morning:

And it got me. Hook, line, sinker... I just think this looks like a blast. I love all of the non dancers stuck in the choreography and how much fun they're having. So, way to go marketers... I just can't get away from you.

(via Andrew Sullivan)

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