Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm super swamped at work... which can only mean one thing: I MISS BLOGGING.

Hey, it's cheaper than buying yarn and sundresses on e-Bay. Whatever, ya'll know ya'lls JEALOUS. 

What's new with me? Quick hits:

More knitting:
This will be a cardigan. Just in time for summer!
For a very tiny person or stuffed animal of some sort
It's a 'cowl'. For warming your neck. Only it just kind of lays there and is not warm. Oh, well.
New Relationship:
His name's Brian. He's a nice young man.

Same dog, same job, same house.

There. I think we're all caught up. Want to see what's on the docket for impulse online shopping?

The swimsuit I've always wanted:
Mod Cloth FTW
Shoes that remind you to call your mother:


I'll never own this, but a girl can dream

Knitting a version of this:

More to come, because I miss my two readers on the five blogs I've started in the past five years.

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