Friday, May 20, 2011

Felt Up

Big news on Project Baby Bootie.

I am a successful felter, folks. I felt things now. Add it to the ol' skill set because I, ladies and gentleman, can shrink up some wool:

I'm sure you recall with perfect clarity the previous attempts with mystery yarn that turned out to not even be wool:


But those days are over now and I'm thinking I'll have a pair of super-cute stompers by the time this weekend is over. If you'll pardon me repeating myself: THESE ARE SO CUTE. I love the red, don't you? They're screaming for lil' apple buttons, are they not?

Speaking of skill acquirement (and also another dangerously expensive hobby), I'm teaching myself how to spin my own yarn! I ordered a kit from etsy that came with a basic drop spindle and 2 ounces of Merino wool. The result was clumsy, but could be identified by the non-picky as 'yarn'.

I didn't take too many photos because this first attempt has a face only a mother could love, as they say. But I have 12 yards of 1 ply yarn that wasn't a thing before, so that feels like an accomplishment. I will, of course, keep you updated on any developments in this area, as I know you'll be on the edge of your seat. Spinning is very relaxing and is the perfect activity for my little 4 foot x 7 foot porch on a nice day. So don't worry, I promise I go outside every once in a while!!

Can't visualize what I mean by "drop spindle"?  Here's the video that started it all for me:

Be warned, she makes it look so easy, but like most things, it takes a while to make her skills look effortless.

As a reward for reading through all of that crafting chatter, here's a little song for the weekend, with a side of nostalgia:

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