Friday, May 6, 2011

The Runs

Well the post-work run went very well. I ended up running a full mile, even though it felt like I barely made it a quarter of that. Not running on a track is definitely the way to go as far as I'm concerned, you can see your goal in the distance and push yourself to get there. Yes, please!

On the downside, I feel all my tendons and hamstrings tightening up on me today. My whole lower body feels like a version of this:

Note: Not my hands, thankyouverymuch
But that's good, right? It means the exercise is WORKING or something. I'm waiting for the fun that's supposed to accompany this process. Any day now, I guess...

One suggestion I would like to make is segregated exercise spaces. There are no words on earth that can describe how dispiriting it is to have someone who is out running for "maintenance" of a slammin' bod lap you four of five times in a single run. I think the maintainers should have their own path and me an the other shlubs who got really freaked out watching that 1,000 pound man documentary on TLC at 1 in the morning on Saturday should have our own. Something like:
Professional artist's rendering

In Knitty News:
I finished another drink cozy yesterday all set to ship off to Canada! I just need to find some cool buttons to sew on it - maybe I'll be brave enough to journey up to the thrift store by my house tomorrow. We'll see!

I also worked on another baby bootie while watching Cheers on Netflix last night. I need to adjust my gauge, clearly, because they turned out to be twice the size they're supposed to be. This really just means I need to do math. Which means I threw the bootie on the FAIL pile and had to walk away. This is where the Never Ending Cardigan comes in handy - nice, repetitive stitches that make sense and fit. We shall see what the weekend brings (besides more rain, boo!)

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