Thursday, July 24, 2008

I worked so HARD!

Chin up, Korto. Let's hope Bravo never puts you and Ricky in the same room...

And now it's time for your weekly PR rundown, with Laura and the awesome Staps-Solil!
M.S-S: jeffrey dahmer is gone!
M.S-S: i did NOT see that coming
L: I was suprised
L: But - knew that Korto has to stay
M.S-S: oh yeah M.S-S: thought it would be leanne
L: But what was up with the water works?!
M.S-S: one of the 5762 interchangeable hipster girls
L: She worked so HARD
M.S-S: i hate when the person who is saved cries on the shoulder of the person leaving
L: Yeah, that's really tacky
L: I have to say that I felt bad about being skeeved out by that dahmer fellow (Wesley)
L: At the end he seemed sweet
L: Leather-ette is the biggest whiner in the history of the show
M.S-S: if i were wesley i would cut a bitch
L: He did rock those ken shorts
M.S-S: i figured he would be a frontrunner
was getting a danny v vibe
me: Ditto
Korto was outrageous
her dress was just not good looking
I'm a rocket man!
M.S-S: it looked like a rocket
with the butt fins
L: But at least I could see her asthetic in it
WHY did they give Suede a win?!
I can't stand that guy
Suede is a tulle!
M.S-S: same here
M.S-S: i sort of liked the dress? i guess?
me: And the fact that they were all about Stella's dress
me: which was the most boring thing ever...
M.S-S: stella's was UGLY
and looked like it belonged in Deb or some similar store
with the stupid lacing
L: I mean is it an improvement over last week?
What ISN'T an improvement over garbagebags with whipstich?!
Suede's dress wasn't for me
I am not a tulle gal
I just didn't love it
The judges just throw me sometimes, because they'll praise simple bullcrap like Stellas
and then lose their minds over complicated fusiness
M.S-S: yes
kenley is my favorite, i've confirmed
i want her to be my stylist
L: I liked Kenley's because it reminded me of Daniel V's inspiration challenge
M.S-S: oh yeah
M.S-S: with the neck puff
me: With Leanne's dress
L: it looked good on the dress form
and I liked the idea
but she's totally the new Diana
"The magnets reversed polarity!"
And rendered my sewing skills useless
M.S-S: i didn't really think it was that bad
and was kind of surprised it was in the bottom
that fabric was ugly though
L: I was pretty certain the models were going to come back with ridiculous shit
but they have to know SOMETHING about fabric, no?
I guess not. Hangers don't know anything about construction either
M.S-S: yeah
i was like, way to go, dress forms
you guys suck
L: But, once again...
I feel like they took two potential challenges and combined them into one show
M.S-S: yes
L: if this show keeps going on, they need to keep up these original challenge ideas and stop wasting them
M.S-S: and how obvious the green thing was just because of natalie portman
who i love
L: It was lovely to see her
... especially to see her attempt to say something positive about each dress
M.S-S: yes
so positive
i can totally see her wearing suede's dress
not so much on heidi
L: I still feel like there was too much tulle, but as long as she doesn't do lace up ballet shoes or some crazy shit like that
she could pull it off
M.S-S: honestly, kenley's dress was the only one i really liked
i think most of it was the fabric everyone was working with
L: I really liked Terri's
and I thought Jennifer's was HORRIBLE
with the peacock shit?
On a semi related note: have you seen this?
M.S-S: yeah
i dig the gold pencil skirt and the black shirt dress
L: I liked the tee shirt and the "london guard" jacket
but the price is redic
sorry, but you're not that big of a deal yet
M.S-S: seriously
also, i was sure kenley would win
because suede's dress will be a bitch for bluefly to mass produce
L: no joke
and, sorry to the the tulle nazi
but that stuff does not ship well
M.S-S: no
it needs lots of fluffing afterwards
L: true dat


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