Thursday, August 14, 2008

I ain't got no babies...

M. S-S: dude!
me: I can't believe I'm about to say this...
but Jerrell and Stella rocked that shit!

M. S-S: mmhmm
that belt was awesome
me: Right?! They really should have won
Megan: agreed
i really thought they would
me: They should have
the styling of Keiths was just awkward
the "transition" was basically making it look bunchy and weird to presentable
M. S-S: looked like it was going to be one of those situations where the editing is like "oh NOES, the two worst people are together! surely they will suck!" and then they end up winning
like sweet p and elisa last year
me: so true
I have to say that Stella's Letha was so Pat Field and so appropriate for that stupid show
I love how they tried to act like it was a huge honor...
M. S-S: i cannot ever get behind skirts that look like they have scales

me: when 5 people watch that show
and they're all in prison
M. S-S: yeah
i mean, i don't know anything about the show
but it looks like the poor man's version of sex and the city
which i didn't watch EITHER
me: I kept thinking Lucy Liu was involved some how
but that's the other one that no one watches
M. S-S: that's the other show about rich professionals and their struggles
work life balance! it's important
me: mmmboo hoo
M. S-S: also, brooke shields?
me: yeah, right?!
maybe in 1990
M. S-S: your character is not a bohemian
bohemians dress in rags and live in dumpsters and suffer for their art
M. S-S: they don't live in penthouse apartments in nyc
how we gonna paaaaaay
me: Hooow Wee Goonna Paa aaay
me: ...and scene
Yeah, frankly...
another snoozer
But I can't deal with Daniel any more
he is so greasy and whiney
M. S-S: take. a. shower
me: amen
and a Zanex
M. S-S: my biggest grievance, as usual
ENOUGH with the team challenges
or at least with always kicking off the team leader
me: yeah, that is NEVER a surprise
I don't mind team challenges
but they need to keep them all on the runway
I don't know how many different ways to explain it
I want to hear the snarky dialogue
M. S-S: yes
me: I want eye rolls and "I'm confused"s
M. S-S: you know, i really thought blayne's was worse than kelli's
me: and WAY more "slutty, slutty, slutty"
It was just totally off
it was way too young
But, i think the execution was much cleaner
M. S-S: unless you are a lifeguard, or a soccer coach, or a gym teacher
you shouldn't wear shorts to work
me: I felt like kelli's didn't have any finished seams on the bodice

M. S-S: and i actually did think it was cute
me: it looked like just just cut all the fabric out and glued it together
M. S-S: it was just wildly inappropriate for the challenge at hand
me: I have to say, I kind of forgot about Kelli after the first challenge
M. S-S: me too
me: She popped up again and I was like... oh, yeah!
and now, she gone
M. S-S: but still, daniel has been in the bottom so often that i really thought he should go
and i think a lot of that outfit was his fault me: "My taste is IMPECCABLE"
me: Korto's was a hot mess
the Jacket would have been fine if the sleeves were more three-quarter
but that DRESS
M. S-S: i don't even remember it!
at all

M. S-S: ohhhh the sweet potato
me: the little kick pleat at the back looked like it was sewn by the blind
that about killed me
M. S-S: how much do i love terri?

she is the bee's knees
me: Amen
She needs to just keep on keeping on
M. S-S: she's my second fave after kenley
me: Kenley's personality annoys me
but I love how she dresses
and (mostly) what she makes
M. S-S: me too
i think she's a grade-A passive aggressive beeyotch
but i also want her to dress me
and also to steal her hair
me: And the whole dynamic between here and Daniel is weird
they were like best-ies in one episode and then she's throwing him under the bus on the runway
M. S-S: yeah
although her runway cackling was hilariously inappropriate
and something i might also do totally unintentionally
me: It was... it was way better than the criers
M. S-S: i'm actually finding this group way more interesting than last season
it almost reminds me of season one
me: I just think the challenges are so lame and free form that they should be doing WAY more interesting stuff
although the next challenge
is going to rock my face off
i heart fat chris
M. S-S: yes!
drag queens!
you know it was coming
me: my fave
oh, definitely
it's just too good
Although some drag queens have the ideal female body shape, they're still gianormus
Clearly, they won't be using the shoes from the Bluefly accessory wall...
M. S-S: uh, yeah
i was just reading blogging project runway
and apparently by the time of fashion week, there will still be 7 designers left on the show
me: ... hmmm.. maybe adouble elimination?
M. S-S: there would have to be a few, right?
they let 5 show last year
i wonder how many will this year
me: hmm.. i mean, what's even the point if they all get to show
That's annoying
M. S-S: yeah, i thought 5 was pushing it, really
4 seemed just about right
ok, i have to go train my new employees now
me: and it's almost cruel to that fourth person, but at least the get their work out there
I have to go to a pile of work
but, as always, it's been a blost
M. S-S: merci
me: ...blast rather
M. S-S: it's like you're british!
it's been a BLOST, dahling
but i have to run
pip pip
me: cheerio

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