Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Project Runway: Called It!

Soooo, I had a major choice. Watch the final debate or watch the Project Runway finale real-time. Country or couture? Talk about a quandary. America won out, as I was stuck at work and could only stream the debate. John McCain pissed me off - no surprise there...

And Leanne "Judy Noodles" won Project Runway - no surprise there...

I said it before, but I'm sure it bears repeating: It's all my fault. I liked Korto's collection the best which is always, ALWAYS the kiss of death. Actually, the collection didn't move as well as I thought it would on the runway. But it is most definitely is the most forward and the most innovative collection, and I congratulate her mousy ass. Good job, Leanne!

My darling Korto, your color and final dress rocked my FACE off:

Nina Garcia hit it square on the head that you can dress women of all sizes. This is why I like you, because I could actually wear your clothes and not look horrid. And that GREEN! I could have devowered the screen. Nom, nom, nom!

Aaaaaand Captain Kenley:

Begrudgingly - it's pretty amazing how she was able to hand paint her fabric. But on the runway, it really wasn't holding up as great as it does in these photographs. It's just a leeeettle too two dimensional for me. And while her clothes are fun, I just get so bored because they are just retread. I have seen it before. It just seems like everything I've ever seen in Vogue with some ropes thrown in for good tugboat measure. K-dizzle, it's been swell, but I will not miss having you stomp all over my nerves every Wednesday with your crocodile tears and your alligator shoes (... I don't know, it just sounded right).

Thanks to Project Rungay for the photos. What did YOU think?

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