Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recommended Viewing

Hello! I realize it's been eleventy billion years since I last updated, but things have been happening. In a nutshell - ill grandparents, dog with diarrhea, meetings in Normal, work, friends. Mainly, I blame Twitter.

I'm hoping to get back in the swing of things and thank the two of you for sticking with me! Last night, the next movie on our queue arrived, selected by Alex:

This was a fascinating film. Embarrassingly, I was aware of Kissinger, but not in anyway knowledgeable. To my mind, he fit that 'elder statesman' role in our national lexicon, but what he actually did as Secretary of State wasn't something I knew much about. Recognizing that this film has an agenda, it is an important view at this point in time being sixty-odd days out from the Bush Administration. The case against Kissinger is a major reason why America doesn't recognize international criminal court and is a huge indicator that members of the previous administration will not be brought to justice for sanctioning torture as proven by the Red Cross.

How the previous administration's "indiscretions" are handled is a huge problem for the Obama administration because if he does put together a Truth and Reconciliation commission, it won't be able to conclude anything other than prosicution. This is something that Obama seems to be aware of and he has eased off the idea recently. Seeing what was committed under Kissinger and how nothing (aside from a film and a book) has been done to even recognize the human rights violations does not bode well.

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