Thursday, August 7, 2008

Heck ya, I'm going for the gold!

Ok, I'm without Monrovia... and frankly, I'm have very little to say about last night's episode. So, I just have a few open letters.

Dear Blane:
You are TRYING to be ridiculous and therefore you come off as desperate. You have to be older than I am, and even I know Sgt. Pepper. At least you look older than me... it could be the tanning. Have I mentioned that I'm over you? ARG!

Dear Daniel:
It's the Olympics. I don't care how artistic sullen you had to be to protect yourself as a poor effeminate child at boarding school. You know what the Olympics are. Even if you haven't seen the opening ceremony... TAKE A FREAKING GUESS.
Athletes. At a major event centered around sports. You are not fooling anyone with your shiz.
This is what he made:
(P.S. Kenley, you dress well. I'm over hating the flower)

Dear Jerell:

You are a silly, silly snake in a fanciful army hat. SILLY!
THIS is what he made:

Dear Joe:

You used the term "Queens" in a straight-guy exasperated tone, which has probably been interpreted as bigoted. You should sleep with one eye open and a cup (ostensibly left over from your football days). At least I actually remembered what you made this time.

Dear Terri:
Hang in there, lady. Don't let the hot gay that stole your fabric get you down. You are the only voice of reason in this bunch and I need to you stick around. P.S. the closed caption when you said "Oh no he didn't!" actually was spelled "O, no he di''nt!"
And you really rocked this challenge:

Korto won and it was...fine. But highwaisted white paints plus 12 year old gymnisists?! No. And Holly Gosadsack went home, which should have happened last week. She's back to Italy to continue her "surreal" life. And Apollo Anton Ono finally shaved that flavor savor and looks really foine.

And that's all I can manage. Once again, boring ass challange and poor, poor design.

Bravo, I know you're bitter... but you're killing me, Smalls!

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